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Top Replacements To uTorrent And Torrent Websites

uTorrent is a unique program, which is quite elusive in nature. One day it works just fine, and the other day, it does not work as we want. The problem is that uTorrent has to pack up and change domains in order to stay alive on the interwebs. uTorrent is overloaded with advertisements. Many users are looking for a decent utorrent replacement to avoid common issues. In this article, you will find suitable alternatives to uTorrent with the same functionality.

What are the best torrent websites of 2019?

Before we start listing the best free websites, you should consider which torrent client you prefer to use for torrenting. Note that your speeds and timely downloading will depend upon which torrent client you choose at the end

The Pirate Bay

We want to start our listing with The Pirate Bay. It is one of the oldest torrent clients. The website hosts a massive amount of torrent files from different categories, such as games, music, movies, etc. It is a reliable torrent client, which is capable of offering users exceptional downloading speeds. It has one of the highest seed peer ratios. Before you start using it, we recommend you to switch on your VPN because some countries block The Pirate Bay.


Most probably Torrentz2 sounds familiar to you. Do you know that it is the current successor to Torrentz, which is a very popular site for torrenting? It caters the needs of torrenters all around the world. Note that Torrentz2 does not host its own torrent files, yet it manages to index around 60 million torrent files from various torrent download sites. You can use it to download your favorite video games, music, movies, books, etc. You will find all that you need here. You will appreciate a pretty clean track record with proper peer ratios. Torrentz2 does not contain viruses, which is a super bonus for users.


We have already described all the benefits of Pirate Bay, which has a vast repository of torrent files, yet nothing can compare to LimeTorrents. Note that LimeTorrents is not a general tracker site, yet it hosts around 10 million active torrent files. It is one of the most significant collections you have ever found. It offers a big database of torrents, offers excellent downloading speeds, so we can say that it is a perfect alternative to uTorrent in terms of downloading music, games, movies, etc. you might be into.


Rarbg is a popular torrent tracker site, which was released in 2008. There is nothing fancy in design, yet it can easily track around 300,000 torrents per day. You will discover a lot of categories on the site, which is very useful because you have a clear idea of what is trending on the site. However, the downloading speed is not very fast, which is a bit frustrating. Many users all around the world consider Rarbg to be one of the best torrenting sites out there. We recommend you to use a VPN.


YTS or YIFY does not require any introduction. Most probably you know by yourself that it is one of the most excellent torrenting sites you can ever find on the internet. Using YTS, you will download high-quality movie torrents. Use it to enjoy your favorite HD movies. Besides, YTS offers users torrent files in relatively small sizes to consume less bandwidth.


Now you know that the world is not turning around uTorrent. You can download any alternative torrent client and download the desired content even faster and without annoying advertisements. Enjoy your time watching your favorite media content!

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