We at the 405 are always there to bring you new and unique tracks, and 'Benadryl' by Dali Trauma is no exception.

This new project was founded by Skinny Blonde frontman, Michael Turzilli. Like in Skinny Blonde, Mr. Turzilli blends samples, keys, and hip-hop beats, but the most iconic aspect of the music might be his baritone; it is engaging and brings an element missing from most modern songs, where tenor is king for male singers.

'Benadryl' takes all of this and swirls it in a vat of lucid dreams, sweaty R&B, and over-the-counter medication. "The writing reflects my tendency to self-medicate and self-destruct with something as insignificant as an allergy medication," says Tuzilli. The track is built off a sample of Air's 'New Star in the Sky' and takes it and twists it to the breaking point.

'Benadryl' is just one in a long line of tracks at Dali Trauma's disposal. Mr. Turzilli has about an LP's worth of songs he recorded while also balancing school, comedy, and painting, but for the time being, check out this exclusive premiere of 'Benadryl' and try not to get lost in the daze.