Just over a year after the release of their debut album With Knees of Honey in Goodbye Canyon, Wellington-based "desert road" rock band So Laid Back Country China return with Sin Cristales. Inspired by the Spanish phrase "El caer por una ventana sin cristale" (falling out a window without glass), it represents a creative rebirth for the four-piece.

In the process of this reinvention, So Laid Back Country China convert the sprawling sonic expanses and pithy listless ennui of With Knees of Honey in Goodbye Canyon into a more melodic, resonant and cinematic expansion of the stoned alt-country, drone and '80s Australian post-punk reference points present throughout their songcraft. Top to bottom, Sin Cristales is a powerful statement of intent from an emergent band with a full take of creative gas and story after story to tell.

Sin Cristales is available for "name your price" purchase via Bandcamp and streaming on Spotify. If you message the band, you might be able to get hold of one of the limited edition zines they've created to commemorate the release.