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1. Everything from Ethics Supply Co. Everything.

Ethics Supply Co"Ethics Supply Co centers around products that are adventure inspired, ethically made and founded from a passion for great design. We seek to offer goods that are handcrafted here in the U.S.A., ethically sourced, and based on the premise that there is a place at the table for both the craftsman and the consumer."

Look, it's hard to sell a candle, especially when they're expensive, yet somehow Ethics Supply Co have managed to create a product line that feels like an investment - which is not a word you'd typically associate with a product you set on fire. Sure, some candles are meant to go untouched, with their value justified by their housing, but Ethics Supply Co don't make products like that. As good as they look, these candles are meant to be used.

Fancy a candle that smells like Redwood National’s famous Avenue of the Giants? Ethics Supply Co have you covered. What about a smell inspired by the fog-draped Golden Gate Bridge? Or the Great Basin National Park, which apparently boasts one of America's last darkest skies? Done and done. These aren't your £2 'Apple Cinnamon' candles from IKEA; these are beautiful creations that'll have you rationing your burn time just so they last longer.

You can find out more about the Ethics Supply Co by heading here. They also make soap and soaks, which we also thoroughly recommend.


2. The Bullet Journal Notebook

The Bullet Journal NotebookDo you like making to-do lists? Does your current to-do list have an additional to-do list on it? If you answered yes to either of those questions (especially the latter one), then you need to start bullet-journaling. You can learn more about the system by heading here, but at its essence, this type of setup is all about keeping things short - using symbols as a way of organising your workload. Think of this as less of a 'product' and more of a way of life (it's definitely replaced my old way of doing things).

You can purchase a Bullet Journal Notebook by heading here. It retails for $24.95.


3. The Nkrumah shoes by ENZI

NkrumahENZI Footwear is a sneaker company based in Ethiopia that creates some of the best-looking, hand-crafted shoes we've ever tested. Take the Nkrumah for example - which we were lucky enough to get our hands on - from a distance they sort of look like your classic Chuck Taylor, but these are clearly a few notches up on the quality scale. Same goes for comfort too, with every step a dream come true. Due to the company being smaller and the production being more hands-on, the price is a lot higher than the aforementioned All-Stars, but we feel it's entirely justified. Support the company on the come-up.

You can purchase the Nkrumah shoes by heading here. They retail for $220.


4. Darn Tough fitness socks, because your feet deserve the best

Darn Tough If you're a runner, you probably haven't spent a lot of time considering what socks to buy - at least in comparison to running shoes, which is fair enough really, there's nothing particuarly sexy about socks - but they can make a huge difference. The right pair of socks can provide an additional layer of comfort, as well as prevent blisters, something the 'fitness' range from Vermont-based Darn Tough have nailed. As well as being incredibly breathable, their socks are built to last (the brand name says it all really!), so stop buying cheap-ass multi-packs and treat yourself. Like we said above, your feet deserve it.

You can purchase Darn Tough socks by heading here.


5. The R2-D2™ App-Enabled Droid™ is a serious amount of fun

R2-D2™ App-Enabled Droid. The first thing you'll notice about the R2-D2™ App-Enabled Droid™ by Sphero is that it's very small. The second thing you'll notice - once you've downloaded the appropriate app - is just how god-damn impressive it is. Here's a list of things you can do with it:

- Authentic Movement: Drive Artoo, go from bipod to tripod stances or trigger emotive waddles.
- Holographic Simulation: Explore the Star Wars™ galaxy, roam iconic ship interiors, and more.
- Droid to Droid Experience: Watch R2-D2 interact with other Star Wars™ App-enabled Droids.
- Watch With Me: View films from the Star Wars saga with R2-D2 by your side.
- Authentic LEDs: Artoo’s signature front and rear lights are fully functional.
- Integrated Speaker: The beeps and boops come right from R2-D2 itself.

But more importantly, if you have a cat, it'll freak it the hell out. Seriously, my cat followed it around for about 10 minutes - which is about 200 hours in cat attention terms. The app itself is incredibly easy to use - which is great considering the recommended age range - but the real killer move is seeing R2-D2 react to events in Star Wars films, which puts it on a year 3000, flying-cars have replaced ordinary cars level.

Sphero have a history of making impressive products, and the R2-D2™ App-Enabled Droid continues that tradition in style.

You can buy an R2-D2™ App-Enabled Droid by heading here. It retails for $99.99.


6. The BUFF Pack Run R-Black hat is the perfect running hat

BUFFMuch like running socks, you've probably never considered what a good or bad running hat is, but let me tell you this: the BUFF Pack Run R-Black hat is the best running hat on the planet, and that's coming from someone that owns a sickening amount of them.

There's a rule of thumb when it comes to running, or any kind of exercise really, that suggests you should dress as if it's a lot warmer than it actually is (I can't remember the exact rule... apologies), something I routinely forget. I'll be out on a run, sweat dripping down my face, wondering what item of clothing I can ditch first. And that's what makes the BUFF Pack Run R-Black hat so special. It's so light and breathable that you'll forget you're wearing it. If you can find a lighter hat, I'll eat my... well you get the point.

You can purchase a BUFF Pack Run R-Black hat by heading here. It retails for £29.26.


7. The Bon Air cabin case by American Tourister

Bon AirTo wrap up this week's 405 Lab feature, we've got the Bon Air cabin case by American Tourister. Three reasons why I absolutely adore this case: it's super light, it's tough as hell, and it's incredibly smooth to pull along. When you're travelling - specifically in airports - using a case that works with you, rather than against you, is super important. And hell, it's nice using a bag that doesn't look like crap, right? Superficial, sure, but worth mentioning.

What more could you need in a bag?

You can find purchase a Bon Air by heading here. It retails for £105.