Meet Tom Cridland. Northamptonshire-bred and London-based, he is the renaissance man the world has been waiting for.

At the tender age of 26, Cridland fills his shoes with multiple roles: CEO, entrepreneur, musician and philanthropist. Not to mention, this is the same man who made a name for himself by launching the "30 Year" campaign, where he proposes that consumers "buy less, buy better" whether it be a shirt or a pair of pants. Thanks to his ambitions for redefining the fashion industry's attitudes towards consumption, it's no secret that celebrities from Daniel Craig to Elton John's drummer Nigel Olsson have fallen in love with Cridland as their go-to designer for classic, yet sustainable fashions.

With the holidays in full swing, Cridland and I chat about his 30 Year Christmas Sweatshirt, why music inspires him and what's next in 2017.

You've made a name doing campaigns for sustainable clothing that's made to last 30 years. How did 30 end up being the number for you to focus on for the amount of years a piece of clothing can last?

The 30 Year Sweatshirt, T-Shirt and Jacket were all developed together with our production team in my mother's beautiful home country of Portugal. I knew I wanted to create a garment to promote the idea of sustainable fashion, so it was always going to be the "X" Year Sweatshirt. The 30-year figure was decided on the lifespan of previous garments these seamstresses and craftsmen had made. After all, they have been making exquisite clothing since 1964.

Speaking of sweatshirts, I've noticed that they've been a huge staple for your brand. What made you pick the sweatshirt as the signature?

The sweatshirt was chosen because it is the cornerstone of many people's wardrobe and certainly a staple. Plain coloured sweatshirts never really go out of fashion.

Since Christmas is coming up, what does the holiday mean to you?

I've always loved Christmas. It means spending time with the people I love my mother, my father, my brother and of course, my girlfriend of seven years and business partner, Debs. I had a Christmas lunch with my grandpa yesterday, who's in his eighties. It means delicious food from the local butcher. Walks at home in the country. Relaxing by the fire. Decorating the tree, singing carols and, of course, opening presents.

For your 30 Year Christmas sweatshirt, you've released the Santa and Christmas Tree designs. What is the process like for you to draw each shirt? Have you had any other designs that you had in mind before you picked them?

The Santa and Tree designs were my ideas as simple, understated, fun icons of Christmas with happy, bright colours that would go well printed on our best-selling colour, Classic Navy. I use the same graphic designer for everything from party invitations to logos to prints like this. He's based locally. We also came up with a Rudolph design, but my brother owns the only Rudolph 30 Year Christmas Sweatshirt. We'll make the Rudolph sweatshirt available next year.

Speaking of your 30 Year Christmas Sweatshirt project, this is the latest and most recent campaign you've done to reduce the amount of the overproduction in clothing. What made you want to launch this campaign for Christmas?

Last year, when we'd only recently released The 30 Year Sweatshirt, we had a huge amount of emails asking us why we didn't do Christmas jumpers. It seemed like such a good fit for us as a brand and an opportunity to underline our ethos. Every year, people head to fast fashion retailers, buy a cheap Christmas jumper and by January it's in a landfill. Christmas is a wonderful time of year but also a time of excessive consumption and waste. The idea that your Christmas jumper comes with a 30-year guarantee is not only a bit of fun, it also makes the serious point that we should be buying less and buying better, preserving our natural resources and not buying into this throwaway culture that's become all too prevalent.

What many critics don't notice is that music has been such a big part of your brand and that's super evident in the names of the colours (like Iggy Purple Pop, Chili Red, Nigel Olsson Navy and Rolling Stone for a pair of beige pants). Why do you look to music to inspire you?

Music is one of the loves of my life. I'm an avid record collector; I listen to all genres of music a lot every day - whether on my headphones, on vinyl, on iTunes, in Ubers, I'm a keen karaoke singer and, of course, I play the drums in my band, The Tomicks. We're making a record at The Village in Los Angeles in February. It's all originals, which I wrote together with our piano player. It's genuinely what inspires me and keeps me enthusiastic. My favourite musician is Nigel Olsson from the Elton John Band, who is a dear friend, and after whom we named the Nigel Olsson Navy flannel trousers. Him liking our designs gave me so much confidence in the early days. We saw him playing with Elton the other day in Lisbon - in a jacket with custom embroidery that we made up for him.

Like yourself, so many musicians also launch Christmas albums, too! Which Christmas albums would you recommend to wear with a 30 Year Christmas Sweatshirt?

In terms of whole Christmas albums, there are great and often forgotten ones by Glen Campbell, the Beach Boys, The Supremes and Smokey Robinson. My favourite Christmas records are 'Step Into Christmas' by Elton John, 'Driving Home For Christmas' by Chris Rea and 'Last Christmas' by Wham!. You can't go wrong with a compilation, as long as you skip 'Little Drummer Boy' and the Pogues Christmas song, which I find loathsome.

This year, you've grown so much as a businessman! You've launched your business online, briefly opened a pop-up store in London, won an award for sustainable fashion, did a campaign with Young Enterprise and DEKI, formed a band, and are now in the midst of fully developing your brand. With such a bright future ahead of you, what have you learned from each achievement? What are your biggest ambitions for the year ahead?

Thank you so much that's very kind. I'm trying to keep my feet firmly on the ground and just enjoy the ride. Just being able to enjoy waking up in the morning and doing what I do for a living is such a huge blessing and I feel incredibly lucky. Our plans for 2017 include a new website, expanding our offering of existing products, sourcing a new ethical supplier in India, working with our first full time Tom Cridland employee, growing Tom Cridland Public Relations, recording our album with the newly formed Tom Cridland Entertainment and a further US press tour, so we're definitely keeping busy!

This interview was conducted in December, 2016.