Central Saint Martins graduate Marie Yat has chosen to find the balance between comfort and sensuality while resisting the male gaze with her collection of lingerie. MARIEYAT provides unconventional undergarments that has come with an even more unconventional look-book.

Inspired by modern dining habits and Muk-bang videos, (the Korean internet craze, that consists of people eating a ton of food alone,) MARIEYAT's lookbook features black, nude and Bean Red pieces named Kirin Top and “Soy Suspenders” worn by two Asian models who are simply eating.

"Of course coming from an Asian background, I feel it is important for me to challenge the perception of Asian stereotypes," she says. "Asian heritage is an important part of the brand, however the stories that we tell through designs are for everyone. Whether it’s the presentation we did a few months ago or the new lookbook imagery, the moment we want to capture should be somehow an experience that is easy to relate to. For example the bedroom, or the pleasure in enjoying food."

 photo 1182608_zpsfasu8hvj.jpg  photo 1182611_zpsrfudnb6b.jpg  photo 1182599_zpsmthpsbpz.jpg  photo 1182605_zpsaxukbh5o.jpg  photo 1182589_zpsknnek1ok.jpg  photo 1182596_zpsbatgvuqi.jpg  photo 1182591_zpsnqhyejur.jpg  photo 1182594_zpsqg46aejq.jpg  photo 1182590_zpsv2zvdowb.jpg  photo 1182595_zpsz664vnhi.jpg

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