Woodstock. That's the first word that comes to mind when watching the collection of Anna Sui's Autumn/Winter 2016 line strut down the runway. Known for her whimsical pieces with the use of ruffles, bold prints and unusual colour mixes, Sui pulls a page from Hervé Léger and brings all of us back to the '70s Rock 'N Roll era. From fringe, to bell bottoms and cropped vests, the coveted designer stops at nothing to showcase her take on the memorable time period.

Taking a different approach to starting a fashion show by having a six models take a stance at the top of the runway, the silhouette of the glamazons intrigued audiences into what the bold statements Sui has to make this season. As the music dropped and the baroque patterned backdrop brightened, the two first models shift their stance to movement as the male and female duo showcased the colour, pattern and cut that will be the continuous theme of the entire collection. Donned in contrasting outfits but staying true to mimicking each other's look, the couple took their matching purple threads and stayed in character for the entire walk. Twinning in velvet pants and fur coats, the constant theme of the colour purple made its way up and down the runway for the first six looks.

Moving from purple to green, blue, and turquoise, the collection turned its attention to the detail of layering and texture. Still staying true to the Woodstock theme, Sui layered many dresses, pant suits and jumpers with fur-lined coats and bodacious belts. A look that proved to be beautifully layered was the 11th look of the collection; with a turquoise over the knee loose frock layered with a blue cardigan with purple fur along the collar and lower sleeves, the outfit looked less confusing and simpler yet strikingly put together by the use of similar colour palettes and patterns. The look was tied together with floral tights and an eye-catching floral velvet purse to exude a fierce and confident statement look.

Another eye-popper that took the breath of many was the second to last look of the collection. Popping out with the colour beige, which is the only colour of the collection, the elastic waist lace frock was accompanied by a short and long hair fur coat. The attire was extravagant yet subtle. With the pop of colour coming from the red and black low heel Mary Janes on the model's feet and the embellished sunglasses fixed on her face, the look was pulled together with the aid of accessories - bringing a present colour that many can identify with for closing the 45 look show.

If you think this collection is extravagant and unrelatable, you're probably right. At first look, you may think Anna Sui is strictly a costume designer and should stick to making long lasting lipsticks with her successful cosmetics line. But in reality, mixing pieces and introducing patterns and colour in a very monochrome world that has been popular for many seasons, is really refreshing and needed. Also, having a mix of models - regardless of race and gender - helps put the various outfits into perspective, proving the line, and current collection, can work for everyone. Just think, you could be the next Mick and Bianca Jagger walking down the street if you just give it a chance!