Known for her pint-size stature, Barbie pink lipstick, black rectangular frame glasses, tattoo chokers and Drake-themed slogan shirts, Baddie Winkle is no average 87-year-old. Armed with witty one-liners like "stealing your man since 1928", it is no secret that her 1.7 million Instagram followers (including myself) are instantly lured to the candy-colored life and outfits of Baddie Winkle, whose great granddaughter Kennedy single-handedly started her career as a social media personality/fashion icon.

Although I knew Baddie's name and Instagram presence, I had yet to meet the lady herself until the day of a meet-and-greet launch of her collaboration with fashion designer Brian Lichtenberg, who is best known for satirizing designer brands on sweatshirts, at L.A.'s #1 celebrity-spotting boutique Kitson. In a lavender faux fur coat, "Babydoll" gold nameplate necklace, glasses, black tattoo choker, white graphic tee of her sitting on a rainbow, black and silver-paneled leggings and white sneakers, Baddie Winkle was impossible to miss. As we met, I felt sparks of electricity on my palms with good vibes and karmic energy running into my blood.

When I went home, I wanted to know more about the woman behind the clothes and photos. In an exclusive interview for The 405, Baddie Winkle shares her rainbow-tinged pearls of wisdom via e-mail.

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You have more than one million followers on Instagram and 225,000+ followers on Twitter. How do you feel about the number of followers on social media?

I am excited and honestly honored to have this meaning people following me on my accounts. It's hard for me to wrap my head around it sometimes, but I am glad I am able to make a positive impact on others lives.

How did you come up with your name?

Baddie Winkle was derived from the name of what the girl's at Kennedy's school at the time called "Hot Girls" and my last name actually comes from my last name Van Winkle.

You are famous for your colorful sense of style. Who/what influenced it and what does fashion mean to you?

My style has been something I have always been proud of. I have always tried to keep up with the style at the time, but at the same time I like to push people's buttons and maybe go a little further than women my age and the way we are expected to dress. Actually, my great-granddaughter Kennedy has influenced my style quite a bit. She's like a hippy and it gives me the energy to wear clothes that bring back the "FREE LOVE" type of '60s feeling that everyone seemed to embrace so well during that time. While we were at war, ultimately love was the one thing that kept us together at that time.

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I noticed that the majority of your most iconic outfits consists of streetwear, indie designers (like Discount Universe) and handmade accessories. What made you gravitate to wearing non-designer items?

I guess you could say I kinda root for the underdog. I love streetwear. I love to be comfortable and who wants to be like everyone else out there. Why do we have to conform to a certain look? Doing the Dimepiece shoot was so much fun as well as wearing all the cool clothes that my fans send me from the internet. Why not promote people who have a great idea, but maybe not the means to take it universal, so I am doing that for them.

Recently, you just released a clothing line in collaboration with L.A.-based designer Brian Lichtenberg. How did that happen and what is the collaboration process like?

I absolutely love love Brian Lichtenberg. It all started when Brian gifted me clothes back when I first started doing social media and then we just kept reconnecting with one another. My grandson, Evan was friends with Brian and my great granddaughter, Kennedy is friends with most designers on the internet. He approached me about a collaboration probably 9 months ago and we felt promoting a cross collaboration would be fun and selling the clothing at KitsonLA made the most sense.

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If there is one item to pick out from your Baddie x Brian collaboration, how would you style it?

I really like the Rainbow Baddie shirt. I have mentioned I would like to see it come in Tie Dye, so I am hoping he will do this. I really like the colorful caps and beanies as well. Nothing better than a comfortable pair of jeans, boots and one of my great t-shirts and one of Brian's faux fur coats. I love my blue one.

Asides from being a fashion icon and designer, you did a campaign with L.A.-based streetwear label Dimepiece, went to the VMAs and attended music festivals like Tomorrowland. What was it like to experience these moments and how did they happen?

My past year could truly be out of a story book of would you believe and people still can't believe that this all started with one photo. Kennedy, my great granddaughter uploaded [it] to Twitter. Getting to go to the VMAs was a dream come true, meeting Miley pretty much made my life. She is such a great kid. The DimepieceLA shoot was kind of out of the blue, they just contacted my granddaughter about me modeling for their new line. It seems like each experience led to the next experience, but I think that is the way life is supposed to be. You meet one person, who brings you into their circle of friends, and their friends want to help as well. It's like one big party.

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How do you feel about being a celebrity?

I never really considered myself a celebrity, but lately I have come to terms with it and it's absolutely great. I love meeting new people and I truly love to model new cool clothing, do music videos and travel, travel, travel.

You are seen as a role model for millennials. What are the qualities that define a role model? Do you consider yourself as one?

Role Model. I consider myself a role model to other people who are my own age. Most people just decide to give up on life when they turn 70 or even 50 sometimes. Why do we have to stop enjoying what we like to do in life just because someone feels that we must dress "AGE APPROPRIATE" or "ACT OUR AGE". Age is just a number and I don't consider myself someone who is 87. I am not even sure what an 87-year-old is supposed to feel like. I would like to be a role model not only to senior citizens, but to people much younger by encouraging them to keep moving and stay active. I truly believe the key to my health and fitness is because I mowed my small farm weekly for 15 years. I also walked daily 3 miles and did water aerobics three times a week. You will lose it if you do not use it, that I can guarantee you, but it's never too late to start getting active and being happy.

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Lastly, what do you hope for the future?

My hope for the future is to continue doing what I am doing now. I want to help inspire the world to not stay in the box that everyone wants to put older people in. Why should we have to be a certain way because society thinks we should be a certain way. I just do me and I think I do it pretty well.