Peachy nudes, creamy whites and khaki beiges collide against rich reds and bold blacks like a star bursting against the night sky. Diaphanous slips graze gently against the thighs while a Bardot-esque dress hangs slightly off the shoulders. Tightened laces crawl up and down from hem to waist. Whether it be silk, satin, cotton or leather, any piece from Daisy feels straight from a rocker's boudoir.

Designed by Gibson Fox and Renee Warne, Daisy is meant for the girl who wants to have fun. Not just any kind of fun. Instead, it's the type of fun where you want to sneak into your boyfriend's house and snog him all night long while his parents sleep before both of you Netflix late 20th-century horror movies. If Daisy were a real person, she'd be Sue Lyon from Lolita meets Joan Jett - kind of like an Instagram page come to life.

Thanks to their strong eye for design, everyone from Opening Ceremony, Kim Kardashian and myself have been stung by cupid's arrow. Grab your phone, head over to the 'gram, then give Daisy a follow.