Never has a hat been so successful as a marketing campaign for a mixtape. Chance the Rapper kept things simple with the promotion of his latest work Coloring Book, so much so that the reception he got for it was completely authentic. All he had to do was wear a 3 on his head. (Which stands for his third project.)

Now, after basically a whole year of parading the famed New Era 3 cap around to every public outing, Chance has decided to sell the snapback. And while it may be sold out on the Chance the Rapper online shop, look out for the hat, which costs $45 USD, at any New Era location.

 photo chance-the-rapper-3-new-era-cap-2_zpsjjfnzmwx.jpg

 photo chance-the-rapper-3-new-era-cap-3_zpsgfgtnnkj.jpg