Halloween may be couple of days away, but don’t let the fear of not having a costume spook you. Whether you want to play it safe or pay a tribute to a Spice Girl (or your favourite pop star), Hardware LDN is the perfect store that can elevate you into a party goddess.

Designed by Jessica Horwell, Hardware LDN is made for the girl who is sweet, spicy, sporty and dressy. By day, she likes to hit the hardware store and by night, she adds in some last minute bits and bobs to make her clothes feel more unique. Wrapped with an L.A. shell and a London soul, Hardware LDN is deeply rooted with a DIY spirit that you don’t see anywhere else.

Edgy, but sleek, jeans, bomber jackets, berets and chained bags juxtapose punk attitude with casual sophistication. Think Alexander Wang, Rihanna (circa 2014), Kate Moss (circa 1994), Spice Girls, Aaliyah, Angelina Jolie (circa 1998) and Jennifer Lopez. If you want to upgrade your basics, turn to Horwell’s lace-up jeans, buckled bomber jackets and chain-adorned dresses. (Even if Halloween ends, you can still wear them throughout the rest of the year!)

Blast up some hip-hop music, surf on your Pinterest and start shopping!