Were there moments when you want to say something, but you can’t put it in words? Sonya Harris is here for you. Born and raised in NYC, the Brooklyn-based designer of I.AM.ECCENTRIC redefines contemporary streetwear.

Inspired by Sailor Moon, race car driver’s uniforms and ‘00s athleisure, she moulds them together into a super ace set of graphic hoodies, leggings and jackets. While the collection looks like it’s just made for you to wear it alone, nothing means more than having a matching set with your best mate to celebrate ‘90s night.

As a graduate of LIM College (where she went for her master’s), this savvy businesswoman is all about building the bridges for female empowerment since 2011.

Catch up on the lookbook and an exclusive interview below:

The majority of streetwear that I see these days looks like it's catered to look unisex (when in fact it's mainly made for men to wear it), but what I love about you is that you specifically market your line towards millennial women. As a designer, what made you launch IAM.ECCENTRIC as a womenswear brand?

From 2011 when I created the brand, I actually started out making unisex pieces that were catered to both young men and women. This year I had decided to put all my focus on womenswear because I felt that there was a calling for women’s streetwear that is a constant niche being overlooked. I had the intent to change that and create dope pieces for my girls so they no longer have to steal their boyfriend’s cool/comfy clothes lol and show we can put out just as fire pieces than a predominately men’s streetwear brand.

Initially, you started IAM.ECCENTRIC when you were in college. Was fashion design something you've always wanted to pursue since childhood?

I always had a love and passion for fashion and being one of the flyest girls at school while being different. Once I decided to go to college, I chose to pursue learning more about the business side of fashion because to me that was an essential tool to be strong and successful in this industry.

On your new collection, you've featured Sailor Moon and her friends on the backs of your hoodie as a symbol of empowerment. How did Sailor Moon become a motif in your collection and why do you relate to her?

Being a '90s kid, Sailor Moon was one of my faves since it was about teenage girls who transform into magical warriors and fight evil. As a young girl watching Sailor Moon's animated series, it exemplified great representation of female empowerment and unification from Sailor Moon and her close group of friends. Her ways of action has always reminded me of myself since I was also a fearless young girl with an enormous capacity for love, compassion, and understanding. We also share the same trait in embracing the chance to use our power to protect those that we care about.

If you have to pick one character from Sailor Moon to dress, who will it be?

I’d have to say Serena aka Usagi. She had the cutest fits and reminds me a lot like myself since we both represent leadership qualities. I feel like anyone I can observe and resonate with while admiring their style, I feel easy to dress since they reflect my personal style in a sense.

When did you first discover that it was important to have a home girl support one another?

Growing up as a young black woman in NYC, that was all that I seen. From going to the Dominican hair salon and seeing friends and family get their hair done and not having enough money to pay. Real homegirls understand that money shouldn’t break a bond and when it’s your homegirl, you should only want to see your fellow homegirl in a better place than they were yesterday. It’s a lot of girl hate going on right now which totally sucks because if we were all to unify and support one another we would get further in life, embrace our flaws while gaining more confidence, and demand more respect from these dudes out here. When me and my homegirls make moves together, you can feel that vibrant positive energy that makes both men and women respect and support whatever we are doing. It’s all about ENERGY and VIBES - I kid you not - and supporting your fellow homegirl and/or homeboy is where it starts.

Apart from Sailor Moon, I can see that you are inspired by racing. Given that it's a traditionally masculine sport, what makes you want to include it into your collection?

Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of racing as far as a sport. It was more about the symbolization of being still in the race to the top and being in this streetwear game for five years being a sole proprietor, full-time college student, no investors while still being relevant and consistent. I know that’s really big because I’ve seen a lot of brands come and go that were hot for the moment. That has always taught me to not care about being hot for the moment. Instead, I want to be respected, relevant and consistent and that’s what racing is about in my opinion.

It surprises me that you are working on your own without the help of any investors. What are the perks of being self-funded and how has this challenged you?

Self-funding my brand IAM.ECCENTRIC allows me to be my own boss that’s totally in control of everything which people admire and respect. When stepping into a business that you’re funding solely, you have to understand that it will be a roller coaster ride and have its ups and downs. One of the joyful highs I feel is the sense of entitlement like: “Yeah I did that! … No Really I Did”. Then there are some lows like “Damn, I didn’t reach my financial goal this quarter. Back to the drawing board”. It has challenged me to set target goals that are accurate yet attainable to reach. Also, it has made me lower my personal spending habits a bit much on needs/wants. For example, anytime I go into a retail store, I always ask myself why should I invest in their product if I can put my money elsewhere that will benefit my brand. I treat IAM.ECCENTRIC as my first seed so I constantly ask myself, “Is this worth taking out of the mouth of my baby?”.

Although you've shown us a glimpse of Drop 1 from your fall collection, what can we anticipate for Drop 2?

I don’t want to give away too much sauce lol, but I will say I’m taking a more clean-cut approach creating full sets that I’m sure my girls will love and appreciate.