Drop Dead have delivered a new GIRLS ONLY collection which is now on sale. Miley Cyrus, Die Antwoord and Kylie Jenner have all rocked clothes from previous collections, but this time around, they've designed everything exclusively for females.

Take a look at the graphic tees, comfy crew-necks and dresses below and find the collection to purchasehere.

 photo DD-007_zpspzug43bc.jpg

 photo DD-009_zpsiqnnwtk1.jpg

 photo DD-023_zpsqujk2atd.jpg

 photo DD-031_zpscsijvc5s.jpg

 photo DD-034_zpssaiqphtq.jpg

 photo DD-035_zps7hrecrsp.jpg

 photo DD-55_zpso0mlsghz.jpg

 photo DD-043_zpskimtlvax.jpg

 photo DD-60_zpscn9jie5n.jpg

 photo DD-078_zps30oxuun3.jpg

 photo DD-071_zpspafwng72.jpg

 photo DD-021_zps29b57yhs.jpg

 photo DD-026_zpsdmtavj1x.jpg

 photo DD-028_zpsctuvlxv1.jpg