You and your girls are ready to go on a night out, but last-minute changes happen. Whether it be a snowstorm or booking cancellation, nothing is going to stop you from having fun. You ring up your closest mates, put on some sweet tunes at the highest decibel, dance and pull out your trusty old Polaroid. As you smile, you realise that this is not a night to be forgotten.

Shoot Credits:
Photographer: Marcel Le Bachelet
Stylist: Zarah Elizabeth
Make-up: Tiffany Justice
Model: Chardonne Cooper

Part One

Dress: Kitty Joseph
Sunglasses: Komono - The Monroe

Part Two

Pasties: Bedroom Behaviour Lingerie
Shirt: Vintage Versace
Skirt: Kitty Joseph
Shoes: Vintage Karen Millen
Earrings: GoGoPhillips

Part Three

Tracksuit Bottoms: Fila
Glasses: Vintage Christian Dior

Part Four

Skirt: Kitty Joseph
Lace Bra: Isadore Intimates
Jacket: Fila

Part Five

Top: Tophop
Skirt: Kitty Joseph
Socks: Stance