As summer’s coming up, but you are not ready to pull yourself out of bed as your local weatherman says that the weather will be cool all week long. Before you hop out of the house, don’t even think twice about running out of clothing options. Based in NYC, streetwear label Felt is ready to save you of the summertime sadness with comfort gear in shades of uplifting pastels, brights and white.

Whether it be a graphic sweatshirt, hoodie, oversized tee or a dad hat, Felt never fails to please. If you are the type that likes to borrow your boyfriend’s clothes, the oversized cuts are for you. While streetwear usually likes to gravitate towards plain old solids, Felt throws in rainbows, logos and roses. Seriously, everything from this collection is perfect enough to blast the volume up to 10 at your apartment to the new Kendrick album.

For more, head over to their website.