! As one of the world's most famous international icons, Rihanna has never failed to impress the crowd at New York Fashion Week. Considering that ANTi dropped two weeks ago and was upstaged by Beyoncé's 'Formation', Rihanna's fashion show with Puma demonstrated that the Bajan chanteuse wasn't willing to let her colleague steal all the thunder. As fashion shows became more accessible to the public via live stream, Instagram and Snapchat, Rihanna followed suit by having it broadcasted on her Facebook page and on Puma's Periscope account. By doing this, fans like myself could have the option to choose whatever was convenient. But in this case, Periscope seemed to be the better choice since it was more accessible than Facebook.

Given that the there was a lot of hype surrounding the show, at least 2,200 plus fans were excited about seeing their idol and it got to the point where Periscope crashed. Along with the technical issues, the show was delayed for half an hour from its 8 p.m. EST time slot and started at 8:32 p.m. EST.

As the show started, the room was pitch black and pounding industrial electronic music blared through the speakers. Tall trees cramped the stage, constricting the runway and turning it into a cage for the models to be trapped later. Models - both male and female - walked along the runway in a neat and orderly fashion. While the camera on Periscope wasn't able to zoom into the details nor get a clear shot of the outfits, at least viewers could see what the models wore.

Dressed in cropped lace-up hoodies, low-slung track pants, oversized black faux fur coats, nipple-baring long sheer black mesh shirts with "PUMA" spelled out in Old English letters, high-waisted briefs, slinky slip dresses and oversized hooded sweatshirt dresses, the female models reflected the singer-turned-designer's sexy sporty-chic aesthetic. You can sense that each outfit was clearly referencing paparazzi photos of Rihanna going out and about in the streets of Los Angeles and New York City. A notable piece from the runway would be the black hoodie bodysuit, which was paired with a cropped white shirt, black and white striped sweatband choker, sheer black thigh highs with Chinese characters and black platform sneakers. Not to mention, the black lipstick and thick chokers lent a throwback to the '90s. Even the streak of white chalk on top of the heads of Stella Maxwell and Gigi Hadid reminded me of Scarlett Johansson's cover for W.

The men's fashion was no different from the women's. Male models wore puffer jackets, hoodies and baggy pants. A notable standout was when a heavily tattooed male model wore a thick black and white striped headband, shiny black parka, navy blue high-waisted pants and black sneakers sans shirt. Although Rihanna's line for Puma was mainly catered to women, she showcased her talent as a menswear designer.

Knowing that the collection was simply meant to showcase winterwear and fall-friendly clothing, Rihanna presented the clothes and accessories in black, white, navy blue and at least three shades of grey whether it be charcoal, slate or ash. Contrary to the dark clothing palette, the only pop of color was a pair of canary yellow high-heeled sneaker boots. All in all, everything would be easily marketable and super wearable whether you'd be out and about in the club or at home. From what I could sense, the collection would sell out faster than say, Kanye West's ridiculously overpriced nondescript Luke Skywalker couture for Adidas.