As of a few years ago, e-cigarettes were very much the purview of those looking to skirt on the edge of fashion, and were far-removed from the fashion staple that it is right now. Whereas the classic cigarette was once considered the timeless stamp of rebellion and suaveness, its reputation is burning away at a rapid rate.

Amongst smokers looking to quit in particular, the e-cigarette has proved popular just from an aesthetic perspective alone. Sophisticated and seemingly tech-savvy in equal measure, such a device conveys a sense of edginess, knowledge and the statement that the user has their health on their mind.

Male or female, rich or poor-smoking has always been a cross-demographic habit. Therefore the act of vaping as it’s known is hardly an unsurprising new favourite as it builds on what has come before. Numerous celebrity endorsements have been an undeniable boon for the cause, and there’s something fascinating to see a trend flourish both within the mainstream and totally separate from it at the same time. The health perks of switching from regular smoking methods to e-cigarettes hasn’t hurt either and further seals of approval from respected bodies such as the NHS have only served to draw good PR to the product.

Indeed, the fact that vaping was never intended to be a symbol of elitism or status meant for a product that was easily accessible and not priced towards solely the wealthy. Therefore being found out and about with an e-cigarette is not seen as someone ‘reaching’ for social success, nor is it a sign of someone looking to downplay themselves. Smoking has always been something of an equaliser between groups and e-cigs have definitely continued in this trend. Suitable for a night-out or an evening in high society, the rise of vaping is far from finished taking over the world.