Neon colours, crazy print, and '60s-inspired updos are all that come to mind when first hearing about Australia-born, Canadian-based designer Hayley Elsaesser.

"Growing up I was so shy and used vibrant clothes to make me feel more bold and strong. This is something I inject into my clothes now, and I feel they have the capability of making a person feel powerful and strong," said Elsaesser. If you haven't seen any of her runway offerings from Toronto Fashion Week, you're really missing out. From bubblegum pop inspired backdrops highlighting the runway, it was like you were transported to a '50s malt shop. Decorated with milkshakes, doughnuts, and soda - the fun, flirty, and adventurous designer breaks fashion barriers by inserting fun and excitement to the runway by displaying her personality in her collections.

Due to the whimsical and fun element that is injected and exuded from the brand, it only makes sense for the designer to showcase her collections on a diverse group of models, proving that fashion comes in all forms. Hayley seems set on allowing her fashion fans to see and know what her pieces would look like on every body type. From the traditional tall and slender amazons to the curvy and bodacious beauties, Elsaesser presented that her clients could be anyone regardless of their body type.

"My clients are amazing, they love clothes and know the power they can have to make you feel powerful and vibrant. They are either people who love to be seen, love to be bold and mix it up and be crazy, or are people who want to have a bit more fun with their clothes. I have heard from a lot of people my brand is the only colour they own which I think is amazing. I believe fashion should be fun and my clients appreciate how my clothes make them feel."

Since 2013, Elsaesser was automatically drawn to bold prints and continues to use that staple as the thread that separates her from many of the other Toronto-based fashion designers. "It is very second nature to me. My entire life I've always loved colourful clothing including prints. One of my earliest fashion memories is convincing my mom to let me buy these neon green and aqua floral print flares when I was a kid that she thought was hideous."

The Queensland University of Technology alum didn't look to other designers, past or present, as inspiration for her brand. While trying to navigate the fashion industry with her own accord, the designer stays true to her brand and knows that it will transcend all styles - from fancy formalwear to laid-back athleisure - to fit people who want to make a statement. Some of her most notable pieces were the colourful leopard print matching skirt and sweater sets, coats, pants, and bomber jackets. Whether you wanted to wear the corresponding skirt or sweater to accompany the other, or just want to mix and match all the colours the line offers with the leopard print aesthetic, these iconic and memorable pieces would sure to have you stand out of any crowd you find yourself encompassed in.

With social media at her fingertips, the indie designer managed her brand through connecting with followers, fans, and interested people alike. Loving the form of social media interaction was what kept the products personable. Asides being a designer, Elsaesser marketed and styled her clothing line.

"It can be really hard work and discouraging at times," mused Elsaesser. "I often work 80 hours a week and never really take time off. It is exhausting and when I see people living much easier lives than me, sometimes I can get a little envious! However, I know at the end of the day it will be worth it. I have already come quite far and I know I have so much more to achieve so it is very rewarding to see all my hard work turning into something."

Although Elsaesser faces a lot of challenges in the fashion industry, she wouldn't change her profession for anything in the world. Burning with a desire to create, share, and be inspired, the bubbly creative enthused about what her brand had to offer the world, and where her brand would take her next on her journey. Laying her emotions on textiles and fusing them into clothing was what pushes not only herself, but worldwide clients to tap into the emotions that propelled Hayley Elsaesser.

You can visit Hayley Elsaesser by heading here.