Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino and Prada...Gianni Versace, Miyake and Chanel! Evoking the gloss and glamour of the bygone supermodel years, the sweet taste of luxury never fails to escape the senses. Like Naomi, Christy, Cindy, Linda and Kate, these designer names are heritage icons that define taste and class. With the '90s being in vogue, Irréversible offers vintage designer clothing and accessories that oozes the beauty of whimsically classic luxury from the decade.

Since its inception as an eBay store in 2013, Irréversible boasts museum-quality rare vintage garments that aim to be collected. Unlike the majority of online vintage retailers, Irréversible specializes in vintage Moschino with a large collection that can make Jeremy Scott green with envy. In addition, the store boasts Thierry Mugler's infamous rainbow leather jacket, where you can find a non-leather version of it at the Kyoto Museum, and a Versace Neoclassical-inspired velvet jacket containing dancers and statues embedded with the brand's signature spiraled squares.

Considering that the majority of vintage stores aim to focus on the status symbol of designer products, Irréversible encourages us to see the garment as a form of wearable art due to the craftsmanship and character of the clothing/accessory.