CR Fashion book did well. Rihanna did well. And surprisingly, creepy photographer Terry Richardson did well. Rihanna was re-imagined as Marie Antoinette on the forthcoming cover of CR Fashion Book. It's an ode to the controversial Queen and only Rihanna could fill that role today.

"In order to understand why Rihanna is the perfect cover star for our Fall/Winter issue, our ninth edition, you must understand the issue's theme," Ray Siegel said. "CR 9 is entirely dedicated to one of history's most controversial and misunderstood heroines: Marie Antoinette. In fact, her most famous quote, "let them eat cake," was never actually uttered by the Queen and has, over time, been attributed to her by mistake. It was this lack of understanding, as much as her notoriously over-the-top personal style, that moved Carine."

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