Brand consultant, creative director, influencer, blogger and self-confessed avid surfer, Kylie Griffiths is ready to make her mark.

Recently, she collaborated with Volcom, an American surfwear brand, to launch super rad beachwear for their SS 2017 collection. As the perfect marriage between fashion and function, Griffiths' magic touch is not to be missed.

Kylie and I chat about eco-friendly fashion, what's it like to work with Volcom, and how you can create an effortless outfit.


This is your third collaboration with Volcom for their SS 2017 collaboration. What made you want to work with Volcom and how do you relate to it?

Volcom has always been one of my favourite brands and I love their brand message of "True To This". For me, the brand story is very important. It was started by two friends on a snowboard trip with $5000 and just grew and grew. I think it's important to stay true to the mentality of if you want something, make it happen. I've always been a very impulsive person and if I have an idea I strive to make it a reality so the whole ethos of the brand and where it came from has always rung true to me as an individual.

In this collection, you have a denim jumpsuit, bikinis, tank tops, shorts and loose knit sweaters. How did these clothes fit your environment in Sri Lanka?

The clothes fitted great with our day-to-day environment; there was a broad range in the collection which made it very versatile. We spent most days on the beach, so would throw on the loose knit sweaters in the evening, or chuck the jumpsuit on if we are riding our moped around.

You have a bikini that's made out of recycled fishnets and it's great they're using eco-friendly materials. Are you environmentally conscious yourself?

Yes definitely, I think every little step helps. I think it's so important to be as environmentally friendly as you can I always find it heartbreaking when you're surfing and there is rubbish floating about. There are so many great companies doing projects together now to raise awareness such as "Surfers Against Sewage".

How did the collaboration process with Volcom work?

We have a really natural process of working together. I've been working with them for just over a year now as an influencer and we work together in a number of ways. They're great as they are very supportive of my projects and my love of surfing, so it's a two way process. If I have a trip coming up, I'll let the guys at Volcom know and we'll see if there is anything fun we can do around it, be it shooting the new collection, doing some fun social posts etc. It's a very natural collaboration which I think shows through as the brand fit my style and have always been a company I've worn.

The entire collection was shot in Sri Lanka by Carl Wilson to display a tropical beachside paradise. What's your idea of paradise?

Sri Lanka was pretty close! For me, paradise is being able to surf everyday so wherever there is an ocean I'm happy. There was something truly magical in Sri Lanka though, we met some wonderful people whilst shooting there and so far that is definitely the closest I've been to paradise.

These days, clothing for the boardwalk is meant to be seen on the sidewalk. How can you style it from day to night?

I'm probably the wrong person to ask! I pretty much wear the same outfit in the day and evening. I have a very casual style and generally wear jeans with trainers, so in the evenings there isn't normally much change. I'll usually put on a bright lipstick to dress it up a bit or change into some boots. I think it's important to feel comfortable in your outfit first and foremost and then whatever you're wearing will look ace!

If there is one piece in the collection that you cannot live without, which one will you pick?

The denim jumpsuit! I absolutely love that piece. It's got a real '70s vibe and is the perfect piece to wear from day to night. I'm a real tomboy so I love that it's a little dressier than just jeans, but also keeps it casual.

You once said that the best style is when people don't try too hard. What are some ways that we can create a great outfit without putting in any effort?

I would say establish your personal style, be it tomboy, girly, glam, whatever it is. I used to try and dress much jazzier than I do now, I think because working in fashion and living in London made me feel that my style was just quite boring. But when I realised that that wasn't really me and I am much more of a tomboy, I felt so much more comfortable. I culled my wardrobe too, which hugely helps as now everything in it I like, so if I chuck anything on I know I'll feel comfortable. So my one piece of advice would be hone in on your own style, and then whatever you wear won't be an effort and will look great!

Kylie Griffiths is the Fashion Editor of VICE UK, one-half of Double Trouble DJs, a fashion stylist, brand ambassador and model. You can find out more about her by heading here. For more on Volcom, head here.