Specializing in gowns, dresses and wedding couture, Project Runway Season 5 winner Leanne Marshall is in a designing league all on her own. Having mastered the art of blending colours and having patterns and cuts work for the "everyday woman," Marshall no longer has a reality show title holding ranks to her name anymore, as the seasoned designer has designed gowns for magazine elites such as ELLE, LIFE, The New York Times, and People.

The "Leanne Marshall woman", as described by Marshall, is, "the ethereal woman....the woman who wants unique but flattering clothes that make a statement." Making a statement is just what the young designer did during her show this season at New York Fashion Week. Her Autumn/Winter 2016 was a series of breathtaking gowns that followed a colour story only fashionistas and statement makers could dream of. Having the collection speak to the audience radiates a sense of gratitude and homage to clients and fashion lovers alike.

Beginning the anticipated collection was a black, over the knee structured frock, with split open sleeves evoking a cape-like appearance and gathered fitted bodice. The first dress set the tone for the first set of dresses to follow, which mimicked the structured black material with a flowing skirt bottom. Mixing high glam and grunge, the black dress collection was paired with a dark smoky eye and combat boots to get a feel of the line being versatile and transcendent.

With this collection being set apart from her other collections, as being much darker and mystique, the crowd took to the change Marshall brought to the collection. With the use of hued maroons, jet blacks, and textures such as satin and velvet, the designer showcased the interesting use of materials which could be worked into any evening and gown attire.

Also, with the changes of international fashion weeks coming into play by next season and beyond, with having consumers being able to attend the coveted and elite shows, and having the garments showcased in the collection being able to be bought and ready to be worn right there and then, mixed reviews had been swirling of the change.

But despite the rebuttal by some in the fashion community, Marshall seems to be all for the changes that are to come. "I think it should be a special showing for the general public. That is why we do two shows each season. At one show, we prioritize the bloggers, editors, buyers and influencers. That show allows the garments to be seen on a global level and eventually reach the store racks. The other show allows the fashion fans and lovers of the brand to see the garments up close and personal."

Marshall also agrees that social media plays a significant part of brands moving their lines along in the fashion world to people abroad. "I believe they are a great way to introduce them to the fashion influencers, who, get them to the public. The shows create a great opportunity to see the dresses in motion. The images can then be sent to the public through many platforms; Facebook, Instagram, twitter, periscope, etc."

From starting out as a television sensation, to showing collections at New York Fashion Week, Leanne Marshall is becoming a household name. With hopes of having her collections in retail stores in the next five years, the seamstress aims high to bring fashion and style to everyone from all walks of life, and get her name out there with the help of social media and consumers. Although evening gowns and wedding dresses are her specialty, Marshall aims to please and has no problem working with her clients to attain the height of couture they need.