By about this point in summer you start to get a little bored of the 'music festival fashion' articles. Not all of them (hopefully not this one), but the ones that somehow advise you to look like everyone else; some kind of floral headpiece, a touch of fringing and some teenie weenie hot pants.

While I'm partial to pretty floral arrangements, enjoy a bit of fringing and am fully aware that hot pants aren't my thing, we all know it's nice to look a little different sometimes. That’s why we're taking a look at the collaboration between Levi's Tailor Shop and some of our favourite record stores below; mixing things up for the remainder of the summer season.

This design adventure centres itself around a mutual love for music. So far it's seen partnerships with Sister Ray, Piccadilly Records and Rise, bringing to life some killer customised designs. The music collaboration sees them add new looks to old favourites; a nice bout of subtle individuality.

Check out the Levi's Tailor Shop adventures below and get an idea or two for your next musical adventure. Make it your own.

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