From Disney-like Orientalism of Ryan Lo to the avant-garde minimalism of Edeline Lee, day one of London Fashion Week was an eclectic mix of contemporary art and fashion, high brow and low brow, street style and couture. The Brewer Street Car Park - the new centre of the Fashion Week - was transformed into a hub of creativity and talent.

Dan Chatfield's photo series of the highlights of the first day is a composition of all things eccentric and marvellous. Take a look at his gallery below.

 photo 20160219-IMG_7153_zpsd5ih1mfm.jpg  photo 20160219-IMG_7301_zps2pcych4g.jpg  photo 20160219-IMG_7305_zpsndybai4f.jpg  photo 20160219-IMG_7170_zpswbuorj3y.jpg  photo 20160219-IMG_7118_zpshfbwhq1k.jpg  photo 20160219-IMG_6986_zpsnfyztkj0.jpg  photo 20160219-IMG_7112_zps0ljzyqhd.jpg  photo 20160219-IMG_7131_zpsrxfuutrd.jpg  photo 20160219-IMG_7093_zpsqfdwxugc.jpg  photo 20160219-IMG_7041_zpskc4gncdu.jpg  photo 20160219-IMG_7055_zpsijcwqdsw.jpg  photo 20160219-IMG_7064_zpsggufezy1.jpg  photo 20160219-IMG_6996_zpsluymvkd6.jpg  photo 20160219-IMG_7003_zpship3q5zu.jpg  photo 20160219-IMG_6961_zpshywnpkqd.jpg  photo 20160219-IMG_6944_zps7kzadrtv.jpg  photo 20160219-IMG_6925_zpsfsghe1nk.jpg  photo 20160219-IMG_6633_zpscequnukk.jpg  photo 20160219-IMG_7377_zpswwylzxqx.jpg  photo 20160219-IMG_7303_zps9ax7be1s.jpg  photo 20160219-IMG_7358_zpswfbk68un.jpg