Brace yourselves, everyone! As the year sets the world with jaw-shattering topsy-turvy headlines, apocalyptic doomsday streetwear can't get any more accurate at Made by Mija.

Designed by Mija (neé Amber Giles), she showcases her debut collection with hoodies, oversized longline graphic tees, lighters, caps, sports bras and overalls. Shades of black and white paint the lean, mean and supremely clean lines of each garment. Phrases such as "Everything is Falling Apart", "Nobody Listens to Techno" and "Final Form" splash across the chests and backs of shirts and hoodies.

Even when such cynical messages are embedded in front of rainbows, you can't help but find the humor in it. If you are someone with a font fetish, Mija kills it with the neo-Gothic Old English "Mermaid Squad" tees. Cute and sassy, yet incredibly badass, Made by Mija is born to make you look too cool for school!

If you want to cop the Bad Gal Riri look without spending a fortune on her Puma line, look no further than Made by Mija.