Coachella is a couple of weeks away, but you feel anxious: not only are you worried about your plane tickets, you are also hyperventilating at the thought of having nothing to wear. Knowing that you are going to be stuck in a desert for three days in a row, the thought of being covered in dust while being all dressed up in your finest is quite a nasty feeling. Before you stack on your reworked Levi’s cutoff shorts and chokers, take a look at Merch Junkies.

Inspired by vintage music merchandise, the brand reworks vintage and produces new items. Whether it be a Runaways jacket or a Bowie tee, it feels like you own a piece of the their merch. Although it’s a reimagination of vintage band merchandise, the DIY touch is a magical detail that you can never get on a flimsy Zara reproduction band tee.

As the late Hunter S. Thompson said, buy the ticket and take the ride to Coachella.