The Olympics might be over, but Chromat won gold. Becca McCharen-Tran, the founder and designer of Chromat, held her show at the fabled Milk Studios as part of MADE's NYFW presentations to showcase her medal-winning new collection "HYPERWAVE".

Inspired by world champions Serena Williams and flyboarder Gemma Weston, McCharen-Tran never failed to entertain. For the opening ceremony, choreographer and dancer Mela Murder slithered, writhed and twisted on the floor like a snake coiled against the earth. Dressed in a harness and colorblocked red, black and blue bikini, the heavily tattooed and pregnant Murder represented the spirit of Chromat's dynamic athleticism and bold femininity. In the wise words of Courtney Love, a woman was a force of nature.

Encased in a large studio space, models walked up and down the runway in front of a Dan Flavin-esque light installation. Each woman had tightly braided coifs reminiscent of Aaliyah alongside pops of blue eyeliner and navy blue eyebrows. Nary a lash of lipstick was on the lips nor a hint Kardashian-esque contoured cheekbone existed on the catwalk. In place of dad caps and sun visors, goggles were strapped near the foreheads. The look at Chromat wasn't just for a friendly jaunt at the pool: it was a performance-ready ensemble eager to steal the medals off of Michael Phelps' neck.

Adorned in Chris Habana nose rings and buckle-clasped chokers, models strutted down the runway in an array of leggings, bikinis, long-sleeved wetsuits, dresses and tank tops. Shower slides, sneakers and ankle-strap sandals complemented the outfits. At each step, garters dangled from the hems of tank tops and skirts akin to an ornament from a Christmas tree. Panels of mesh, cutouts and harness-like lines hugged every contour of the muscle. Swaths of orange, gray, black, blue (from baby to navy) and red highlighted the waist, clavicle, and hip of every woman. Created for the boardwalk to the pavement, the clothes exemplified swimleisure at its finest.

Chromat was ready to plunge us into the future where sports, lingerie and ready-to-wear merged. Burn your tracksuit, buy a wetsuit and dive into the deepest depths of the pool.