Already born with a thread thumb and textile imagination, Toronto native Jacqueline Piron knew early in her life that she wanted to adapt the designer mentality like her mother and delve into a business venture of her own. From leather, silk organza, Japanese lace and Swarovski crystals, the 30-year-old designer uses a fluid mix of all types of materials in her luxury self-titled T-shirt brand to exude the ornate detail and sophistication in each piece. And with her catchphrase "Luxury to a Tee," it has helped her score A-list clients such as Beyoncé, Jessica Alba and Rachel McAdams, along with a handful of coverage from British Vogue and ELLE Canada.

Now in its third season, Piron knows that the progress with her brand can only go up from here. Giving most of the line's success to its quality, Piron also gives herself credit for taking a year to travel abroad to various countries and learn about textiles and materials to know what she wanted from her brand. Taking a page out of her mother's handbook, thanks to her being a designer and flight attendant who had her own luxury sweater company and collected materials from her travelling journeys, Piron did as her mother and collected different sewing materials along her international travels to mold together the perfect T-shirt brand she would be proud of and willing to call her own.

"I spent about a year before starting the business on researching the right fabric and the right cut. Because I hate boxy T-shirts, I just don't think that they're flattering to the body, and so I wanted them to be fitted. They're fitted in the waist so it gives a nice waist an even things like the cap sleeve. I made sure that they're flattering to the arm. I made sure it was fitted enough so it could be tucked into a pencil skirt, and long enough so it covers the bum and is flattering," explains the t-shirt designer.

Wanting to create pieces that can be transformed from day to night, Piron uses bamboo rayon due to its breathability, comfort, malleability, and softness. The fabrics durability complements the soft to the touch feel which adds to the shirts long last. Pieces made from the material include all of the T-shirt designs made in such materials, like the popular Posh, deep V-neck long sleeved shirt that can be transformed from evening wear to day wear and is reversible, and the Papa, a thigh-length long sleeved shirt with side splits and could be worn with a mini skirt or leather leggings. These staples showcase the collection's versatility.

And did I mention that all the shirts can be hand washed? Talk about the end of pricey dry cleaning bills! Piron's collection ranges in an array of sizes so every lady can feel the luxury of the brand.

"Every woman is the Jacqueline Piron woman," explains Piron, "I have clients who are [between] 18 and 80. They all wear the same T-shirts and they all style them differently. I would have to say one of the nicest compliments I've had was this client [who] was a size 14 bought a ruffled top and she came up to me and said, 'I have never felt more beautiful in clothing, ever. And when I wore your black ruffled top for the first time I felt beautiful.'"

She learns a bit about the fashion industry each day and continues to stay true to herself and her brand when designing the next hit piece. With all items being made and manufactured in Toronto, it gets tough for a designer to keep up with the pace of international markets, but the biggest lesson the designer has learned is about the supply chain, which she must pay attention to when sourcing and creating her pieces. "The supply chain is key. Because being there and watching the quality control is first of all knowing the supply chain and second of all learning to say 'no.' A lot of people say 'yes, yes, yes,' all the time and it's ok to say 'no.' It's a good life lesson," says Piron.

She shares that with finding and utilizing your inner voice, designers must take a stand on what they want out of their brand. "I think that not enough designers are focusing on one thing and doing it really well. I think that is the key thing to succeeding in this industry," says Piron. "It's not having a huge variety of items. I always say Smythe did it, with their blazers, they focused on one thing and did it really well and were very successful with it. And just generally nice people who just want to help each other out. There needs to be more of that."

With a vast majority of international clientele, and a growing portfolio of notables being seen in a Jacqueline Piron shirt, it's no surprise that many of her pieces have been sold out both online and in stores. Piron is sharing with the world the homegrown talent that lives and thrives in the city, and wants the world and industry to know of the creatives that breathe fashion and artistry of all types. "There's a lot of talent here. We just need the support. People think because they're [clothing] isn't made in Italy or Paris it doesn't have that quality and we do. We just have more snow," jokes Piron. Not only are clients wearing an incredibly stylish garment, they are also taking along with them a piece of history from a family that has been in the luxury garment business for over 30 years and sharing the pride in their roots that have molded them into the design mavens they are today.