Aloha! The summer solstice is officially here and while you might be busy planning some vacation plans (whether it be to Ibiza, Watergate Bay, Hawaii or Los Angeles), let's not fret about drinks and clothes. However, if you have one type of drink and you know your mate from America is coming over, ask him to bring you some Bud.

While Budweiser may generally be known as the cheap beer that you drink at parties, the beer company teamed up with T&C Surf Hawaii to create a killer capsule collection that you can wear from the evening bonfire to the morning-after surf session. While red, white and blue are generally associated with Budweiser, channel your inner '90s kid with the collab's Yin and Yang graphic tees and polos. For all my ladies, channel your inner Lana del Rey with your favourite blue jeans, baseball cap and red nail polish. If you are a dude in need of some cute surf gear, ride easy on the waves with those graphic board shorts. Talk about being easy, breezy and very unisexy.

Get it exclusively at Pac Sun! (Thank the heavens that the California-based retailer can give you worldwide shipping.)