Every fashion insider may say that the choker is dead, but don’t stow yours away too soon! If you think that 2017’s version of the beloved ‘90s trend is just another basic black velvet ribbon, think again.

Seville Michelle, a New York-based jewellery designer, reinvents the choker with an unexpected maximum twist. Dubbed “Choke Me”, the collection features Jesus heads embedded with Swarovski ruby red crystals, an Allah charm dangling from a bondage-style leather collar, a row of Stars of David and a rosary. While religion is not a topic to shy away from, each design is super wearable and easy on the eyes. It is no secret that celebrities from Teyana Taylor, Bebe Rexha, Sofia Richie, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé are drawn to Seville Michelle’s designs.

Given that her designs lean towards a religion-inspired angle, she has two maritime-style chain links that will bring a spark to any outfit.

Catch the collection on V Files and shop!