The ‘90s are in full bloom again. Think of this: gnarly graphics (e.g. that black and white Raymond Pettibon cartoon on Sonic Youth’s infamous Goo cover), Kurt Cobain, baggy silhouettes and supermodels. If you believe that I am joking, I absolutely am not.

Given that we crave for the past, yet live in a tech-addled present, designer Alex James of Pleasures delivers a killer collection that exhibits the best of both worlds. For his spring collection, James presents graphic hoodies and tees that are either photos or words. Like a series of texts among you and your friends, James isn’t afraid to share his affinity for Twin Peaks, Kate Moss, crude jokes and Nirvana.

Thanks to his juxtaposition of the ‘90s and Instagram culture, James’ Los Angeles-based brand attracts high-profile celebrities such as The Weeknd like flies on honey.

It is the collection not to be missed. Head here more information.