Positive affirmations, staying true to their dreams, and believing in the overall mantra of the law of attraction is the recipe for success for twin sisters Corianna (Coco) and Brianna (Breezy) of the successful and popular eyewear brand Coco and Breezy.

Having each other as a means of support doesn't only help the creative duo's process. The next hot eyepiece of the season are worn by celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé and Kelly Osbourne. However, the sisters also have their parents, fans and overall atmosphere to thank for their success and being the people that they are today. "My mom would tell me stories of us as kids, we would say, 'Mom and Dad, we're special," says Coco, "and that's so weird that they knew what we meant and we knew what we meant, but I knew that we would have some type of impact on the world. At a young age I was very conscious of that."

Whether it be through their social media and eyewear brand, the Minnesota natives are impacting the world by creating a culture of music and fashion where they can show their fans the true being of Coco and Breezy. With the underlying motive behind their brand of being honest and respectful of yourself and others, the infectious duo, with their laugh, humour, and realness, know the grind and hard work it takes to make things happen for themselves and want to share that with their fans and the world.

While following the latest trends are not on their radar, the twins stay true to their personal style and admire their fans for doing the same. To them, style has more to do than just the latest jacket or shoes gliding down the runway. "Do things to influence the world, then you're freaking stylish," says Breezy. Rocking the latest and greatest isn't impressive for the two designers and overall creatives, but having an awareness for your surroundings and the people around you is what makes your inner style shine through.

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How did your personal style stand out while you two were growing up in Minnesota?

Coco: In Minnesota our style was always different because we were never afraid to express who we were. We asked our parents for a sewing machine when we were younger, and we would just customize our clothes, it was hard to find stuff that would fit our style.

Breezy: Our style now is street chic; I feel like we're trap hippies. Kind of like I don't give a fuck, hippyish chill, and we're very chic but very street as well, and so we just like to be comfortable. We're not fashion. I think a lot of people are so fashion, and they put on a persona of someone that they're not, and we're so comfortable in our own skin. Sometimes, after taking a shower, I'll wear the same shirt two days in a row because I want to be comfortable, there's no shame in my game. I like to be comfortable in who I am and I how I feel, and I'll rock it hard body.

What obstacles did you two have to overcome when first moving to New York?

Coco: Some of the obstacles we had to overcome when we first moved to New York was definitely we had to sacrifice a lot. We moved to New York with nothing, we had no money we didn't have a place to stay, we had no job set up, and we literally just came out here as if it was a rift; we had the confidence to sacrifice everything that we had. And so some of the obstacles were, how are we even going to get people to believe in our brand? How are we going to create this brand equity and create emotional connections with the brand and gain customers? And how are we going to survive in New York? And the cool part about it is, even though we had obstacles, there's never one time where we felt depressed, there's never one time we felt like we wanted to give up, there's never one time were there were any negative thoughts, were just very aware of the obstacles and we knew that it was very temporary and we would overcome any situation.

Breezy: Another obstacle too [was that] we were 19. Just out of high school, didn't go to college, and so there were a lot of things we had to just learn on our own.

So how did you guys start making money and generating a following?

Breezy: Coco and I... had already started to have an internet following. Back in the day where MySpace was popular, we had thousands of friends and "fan base". It was crazy because back in the day social media wasn't popular. It was weird that we were getting fan messages and people were making fan posters for us. Back in the day that was kind of weird; the Internet was weird. And my parents would be like, "How does someone from London know who you are?" and I was like, "Mom and Dad it's the Internet, it's MySpace". It actually helped us out in the long run because a lot of people who are following us now have been following us since we were 14, 15 years old on MySpace.

Coco: Because no one understood us where we were from, we felt like we had more friends from supporters and the internet. So when we moved to New York, we didn't move to New York with no one knowing us - we had already had people who were not necessarily familiar with the brand. Because we had just started the eyewear company at that time, but we were the brand Coco and Breezy, the two of us. So people were already familiar with us and had already created a culture. So when we put out product, it all worked in full circle. To be completely honest, when we moved to New York City, three days later we already started making sales.

Did you two have trouble breaking into the fashion industry?

Breezy: So it was based on online presence, but also we were those 19-year-old girls hitting every New York party fashion scene. From 19 to 20, we were hitting the hottest spots, the hottest parties not just going there to part, but going there for networking. We were just putting ourselves out there. And that's why I tell people when you're young and going out, go out and network with people get to know people, and just putting in that work. Meeting the right people, and reaching out to the right people and sacrificing; that's what we did, sacrifice. Any little money we did make, we would put in right back into our company. We were both sharing a small studio with an air mattress. The glasses we made for Nicki Minaj were made a couple weeks after we moved to New York [and] we made [it] on our air mattress. It was a super small, no window apartment. And we've upgraded since then, but when we first started... it didn't bother us because we knew that we had to do that in order to get what we wanted. I think that a lot of people are afraid to be uncomfortable and it takes you to be fearless you have to be uncomfortable with different situations and you have to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation, or it's a push to the next level; but you must continue to be positive, have faith, and put things into existence, and that's kind of our formula to success.

How did you two feel when you saw your eyewear on a celebrity?

Coco: Literally it was less than a week of us moving to New York, it was Ashanti and Kelly Osbourne, and so for us it was confirmation like, OK, we're doing something right, this is crazy! We went from working at the mall in a little Chinese food spot, to living in New York living our dreams, working for ourselves and people buying our product. That was insane for us, and that was literally a couple days after we moved here. It was more so confirmation for us and the people around us that, "OK, you have something going on and you have something happening".

How do you guys handle your creative differences if any?

Breezy: We actually have a lot of creative differences. Coco is more strategic and I'm a little more free spirit. I handle a lot of the first process of creating, so a lot of the first designs and Coco approves everything because she has such a great eye for marketing, so sometimes there are things she would want me to change and I would change it. But we have such a great dynamic it's never a fight, it's more like I understand her perspective and respect her perspective that we just work really well together.

Would the Coco and Breezy brand branch off into other avenues such as create more clothing and maybe a shoe line?

Breezy: I'm not sure about shoes.

Coco: We've been branching off but it hasn't been product.

Breezy: We're creating a culture and a lifestyle, so we've been branching off within our brand, like us DJing is part of our brand, and branching off into that. Us DJing is giving our customers that emotional connection and creating that brand equity in a way that they get to be with us in a different environment instead of just seeing us on the internet; to actually see us in person doing real life stuff and vibing out to the music that started this whole design. Also too, there are other things that we are a part of that we can't talk about now that we're working on, but we're really excited about it and its part of the culture. We are the youth culture and we're just adding into the culture, but eyewear will always be our meat and potatoes and our main thing, but our goal is to create a lifestyle and a culture, and our own lane.

Who are some of you guys' style inspirations?

Breezy: To be honest with you, I'm not trying to sound cocky or any type of way, but we don't follow fashion, we're really artist[s].

Coco: If you follow our pictures from 2009, we evolved our style every year.

Breezy: Like if you look at our old photos, you will see how crazy our style used to be, and you can't reference it to anyone. A 2009 photo then could probably be seen on someone now. Our mom and dad put into our mind at a young age to be ourselves and that we have each other. So we've been free spirits since we were little and our parents never said we couldn't wear something. There have been so many times we've had out crazy and wild hair periods. We don't necessarily have any style - it started with our mom and our dad, honestly. Our mom is fly and my dad's an OG.

Coco: Our fans are our number one style icons because their minds are so beautiful and so positive that we're a reflection of them.