The future of Finnish fashion is in good hands - and one motivated set in particular. For the first time in the history of the Nordic country, Helsinki Fashion Week will be taking place at the end of the year (27.11 - 01.12) among the cobblestone and regality of the Finnish capital, with the hopes of elevating the country's fashion presence and the international fashion industry as a whole. And it is HFW founder, Evelyn Mora whose creative visions have manifested.

The 23-year-old entrepreneur, chosen as one of the most influential entrepreneurs of the year by the Federation of Finnish Enterprises, has big plans for the inaugural event and at just 23, her weighted repertoire has prepared her to run the show. Evelyn's creative passions led her to fashion after studying at London School of Photography in 2010, where her hobby became her profession. And since then, various roles as CEO, stylist, photographer, web designer and event producer at the modeling agency and creative company Eneas LTD, as well as launched clothing lines in collaboration with local ecological designers, (her first named ORCHI in December 2013,) offer a dependable and progressive look at what fashion show-goers can expect next month.

As the maiden Helsinki Fashion Week approaches, Evelyn shares her hopes for herself, her country's creative presence and the fashion scene as a whole.

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So, this is the first Helsinki Fashion Week in Finland's history. How is this set to impact the Finnish fashion scene?

We are group of fashion professionals who forecasted Helsinki Fashion Week to happen 2015 - 2016 for the first time. For that reason, we got the rights of the name Helsinki Fashion Week from the original name-owner. We're rightfully the first ones to own the rights of the name and make the event happen for the first time. We have a vision and goals for the event which will be recognized all over the world - at least that's our aim, and we do not settle for less. Our main goal is to bring the Finnish fashion scene together. For us, designers and all the people in the fashion business are colleagues and associates, not competitors. That's to say, together everyone achieves more. Fashion for us is a sense of life which is not limited to clothes. It reflects in lifestyle, the design field, interior and much more.

What can we expect from HFW?

Helsinki Fashion Week is definitely not an event filled with fashion shows and champagne. Instead it's a carefully designed venue where you can experience fashion with all your senses. The power of technology and new ways of thinking and creating within the team will uplift the new generation with sustainable development in mind. The event itself is rather international, but as we are in Finland, we'll make sure you'll experience our culture to the fullest. Our culture is not only the cold snow or steaming sauna - but who knows, you might just end up in sauna with a glass of champagne in your hands. Our team is large, international and filled with interesting professionals from various fields. It's certainly a work week for fashion professionals, internationally.

What designers/what type of designers are expected to take part?

We have chosen international designers to be presented in the event. You will see spectacular Finnish designers as well as talents from the countries around us. We want to show our audience new ways of creating. We are very interested in hand made products and the materials and ecological mindset. We work with several embassies and other organizations to make sure we can offer our audience, buyers and fashion professionals something they are looking and longing after.

Why is this a can't-miss event and why should people pay attention to HFW and Finnish designers?

I don't think the Finnish designers are more special than designers in France, or vice versa. I don't want to classify designers by their nationality. In this kind of creative field, the personality of the designer matters more. The earth is one place and there is vivacious life in Finland. Also, the Finnish lifestyle is very interesting, specially looking at it as a rather international point of view for my own multi-ethnic background, I can see the potential very valuable. We want to give potential designers a chance to bring out their collections and ideas more freely. We're providing this opportunity now.

What are you personally most looking forward to?

End of the last year I was chosen as one of the most influential entrepreneurs of the year by the Federation of Finnish Enterprises and I want to keep that level and aim higher in my own career, of course. For that to be possible, I need to impact the industry in ways which will develop and benefit the whole industry and not only my own business. We need to see the bigger picture. I believe in teams and development as a community. Recently, there's been many interviews and talks about the fashion industry shrivelling away. I think it fully depends on the fashion professional as in how to benefit technology and ecological solutions in our daily work. I'm look forward to seeing the development of the fashion industry and new fashion designers to be discovered internationally in their field. I want to see the population believing in fashion again, look at the matters from different point of views and on an international level. As an owner of Eneas Production, I get to be part of many industries, not only fashion but music, technology, lifestyle, design, arts, commercial and much more. I can see the potential in fashion and creative industries to collaborate for higher economic and social growth. I'm also looking forward to see my favourite Nordic brand ACNE store in Helsinki some day in the near future.

Fashion designer Tuomas Laitinen recently said that "Finnish fashion is in a transitional stage." Do you agree and how do you describe Finnish fashion?

I do agree with Tuomas, and I would say that the Finnish fashion industry is getting new blood and new talents every day. It's not run by the few people anymore like it has been done for over 40 years in Finland. It's getting larger and more versatile, and as I said, it is time now for Helsinki to show what we got and how we do it out here. The new generation is getting more and more involved into fashion and arts, which has a very positive effect towards our future. Also the influence of fashion and art schools are increasing. It's also true that lots of designers and artists have come out of their caves and shown us what they have to offer. The designers also need to understand the importance of their brand value included with the commercial and business side of fashion and the importance of the social media in the industry. We need more Oliver Rousteings.

How have things been going behind the scenes putting the event together?

I have been doing the event with my team since October 2014. We started the planning right after Paris fashion week. All in all, finally everything is getting in place and the creative and open-mindedness of our team has gained a lot of solutions and results out of the box, which makes it possible us to produce the kind of event and results we are reaching for. The feedback of the event has been very positive and encouraging so we are not the only ones who believe in Helsinki Fashion Week. In Paris, we finally realized that we have so much to show to the world in Finland. For example the Castelbajac show was something that awakened us because of the very Finnish-kind of a show they produced. It was very futuristic and cold, in a good way. It was a great experience for us. However, I must say that YSL was my personal favourite because of the wholeness of the show and the "alive" runway. We do have good shows in Helsinki but we also need the right kind of audience which is our priority number one when building the event. So I'd say that our inspirations are from good sources.

What are your over-all goals with fashion week?

To create a healthy fashion industry. We need to create possibilities for potential designers and an access for the interested audience to see that. Fashion professionals need to be hired, and Finnish culture and lifestyle has to be recognized all over the world. And above all, we need to provide the freedom to be ambitious and create new and interesting outputs which professionals and the industry is open-minded about.

You can learn more about Helsinki Fashion Week by heading here.