On a lovely summer's evening in London, we sat down with Rainy Milo to discuss new music, her love for fashion, and her unique sense of style. We learnt that she recently got back from sunny LA working with her manager and producer, and is gearing up to release some new music. Despite her young age, it's clear to see that Rainy is ready to take over a new generation with her music and fashion.

Words by Zarah Elizabeth, and photography by Marcel Le Bachelet. Kojo Hammond and Zarah Elizabeth styled the shoot, whilst Tiffany Justice provided her make-up artistry.

On following her dreams

"I decided at 16 to leave school earlier than all my friends so I could pursue my musical dream. It was scary but also the best decision I have ever made."

On being creative

"Being creative to me means totally being yourself and creating what you personally would truly enjoy, as if no one would ever judge you for it."

Jacket: Urban code / Top: Kitty Joseph / Jeans: Miss sixty

On inspirations

"The band N.E.R.D, Amy Winehouse, Frank Ocean and Sade, because to me they're all artists who never compromised their integrity for popularity. They always stay true to themselves."

On her music

"Musically I'm very experimental and I love to try new things, but ultimately the core of my music I would describe as R&B and Jazz influenced."

Dress: Kitty Joseph / Jeans: Liquor and poker / Lace Bra: Isadore Intimates / Underwear: Nicce / Earrings: GoGo Phillips / Rings: Kat & Bee

On music and fashion

"I feel like to the two go hand in hand almost. Fashion gives artists an opportunity to say who they are before you even hear their music and I feel like music is a huge part of fashion as designers often take the spirit of an artist as inspiration. I don't particularly aim to convey any sort of message in my style and music. I just try to stay as true to myself as possible. Hopefully that will inspire others to feel comfortable and unafraid to be their vulnerable selves."

Jeans: Liquor and poker / Shorts: Liquor and poker shorts / Jacket : Kitty Joseph / Bra : Bedroom behaviour / Shoes : Ego Official

On current (and future) plans

"I'm currently finishing a new musical body of work that I'm so so excited for everyone to hear."

On life goals

"To make music I love that touches and comforts people. I want to be the best Rainy Milo I can be!"

Above credits: Jacket: Schott NYC / Top: Knots & Vibes / Shorts: Liquor and Poker / Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti / Bodychain: HouseThirteen.

Above credits: Jacket : Schott NYC / Skirt: Fila / Shoes: EGO Oficial TASHA Boots / Body: ELF ZHOU / Earrings: GoGo Phillips / Rings: Kat & Bee.

Above credits (image on the right): Jacket : Schott NYC / Dress : Kitty Joseph / Shoes: Ego Official TASHA Boots / Shirt: Miss Sixty.