"Soar was born from a desire for beautiful performance running wear."

As someone that has spent an embarrassing amount of time searching for interesting (read: not dull) running gear, Soar's mission statement speaks to me pretty loudly. But it's one thing seeing these things on a screen, typically modelled by attractive people having fun, and a totally different thing trying those items on for yourself. Thankfully, Soar have stayed true to their vision, creating one of the most impressive collections of running gear we've ever tested.


We managed to get our hands on the All Weather Jacket, Dual-Fabric Tights, Classic Shorts, Raglan T-Shirt, and Lightweight Cap - all stunning in their own right, but when combined, you feel invincible.

Running head-to-toe in Soar clothing feels great, so much so that I feel cheated when I have to leave my house in something else. Each product feels rugged, yet sleek and light. Take the All Weather Jacket for example - it's strong enough to wear as a running jacket but light enough to be used on its own - with bonded seams to reduce chafing, water-repellent coating and highly breathable fabric being just a few of the many tricks it packs.


Much like the company logo, each product we tested had a minimalist quality to it but without shrinking into the background - our favourite combo being the shorts and tights. Pair those two together and it's likely you'll be the best-dressed runner at your local Park Run. But hey, with a background in designing high-end menswear, what else did you expect from Tim Soar?

"Functionality is the prime directive. But once that is dialled in, then it has to look good, too. There can be beauty in following the functional form of a garment. So that is what I do."

To find out more about how the company started, their design process, and what they have planned for the future, we interviewed head honcho, Tim Soar. Read on below.


How did the company get started?

I have always loved sportswear. My fashion label was very influenced by sportswear, but I could never get the technical constructions that I wanted - sportswear factories have high minimums, whereas fashion designers have small orders! I had also been running regularly for 5 or 6 years. Anyway, my cousin (a financier in the city) and I hatched a plan, at a family party, to launch a running specific label in 2014. Thus, SOAR was born.

What would you say separates you from other companies in your field?

Well, I have a background in designing very high-end menswear. This gives me an approach to fabrics and construction that is, I think, a little different to our direct competitors. In fact, my background also includes music, graphics, and interior design. So I have a big catalogue of ideas in my head that come out consciously or subconsciously in everything I do.


Image courtey of Soar

How does the design process work for you: specifically the balance between functionality and aesthetic?

If it's sportswear it has to work. Period. Functionality is the prime directive. But once that is dialled in, then it has to look good, too. There can be beauty in following the functional form of a garment. So that is what I do. Design, test and develop something that does a specific job really well and then find the beauty within it.

Who is the best runner at the company?

Rob Wilson (head of marketing) hands down.


Image courtey of Soar

If one album could sum up the brand, what would it be and why?

Going to have to cheat this, sorry. It is my personal compilation album that consists of the following tracks - heavily edited down to 10 tracks so as not to take up the whole interview. Oh, and the selection is constantly changing.

1. 'Supernatural Thing' by Ben E King
2. 'Definition Of A Track' by Precious
3. 'Mahlalela' by Hugh Masekela and Letta Mbulu
4. 'Think Twice' (Original Version) by The Detroit Experiment
5. 'E2-E4' by Manuel Göttsching
6. 'Bron-Y-Aur' by Led Zeppelin
7. 'Naturally Spineless' by Minor Science
8. 'From A Motel 6' by Yo La Tengo
9. 'Peace Piece' by Bill Evans
10. 'Heath and Efficiency' by This Heat

What piece are you most proud of and why?

The All Weather Jacket is simply unbelievable. It is really comfortable, it can take the very worst winter weather and shrug it off. You can wear it like a top or a jacket depending on the intensity of your run. The construction and pattern cutting are spot one. Plus it looks great.

Lastly, what do you have coming up that you think we should keep a look out for?

With each production run styles become more and more refined. We have version 2 of the Race Shorts. More print t-shirts and vest. More women’s styles. Some very tech half-tight. And working on bags, too.


You can find out more about Soar by heading over to their official website. The company can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify.