Every designer envisions their brand coming to life as they endlessly cut, fit, sew and construct their latest collection into a fashionable masterpiece. Curating a new collection every six months not only builds a new platform for designers to showcase their latest work for the season, but it's also a driving force of energy to exude creative imaginations that have been harboring in their thoughts to finally come into fruition and hopefully, breathe new life into the fashion world.

These sentiments are not new to neither any designing maven nor up-and-comer. With years of experience under her belt, womenswear coat designer Marisa Minicucci doesn't attest to the creative process in order to bring her brand, SOSKEN, to life. "My inspiration for the collections is an ongoing work in my mind - it never rests. You have to put pen to paper at one point but it's a lot of watching and listening. Watching the shows is important but mainly it's with the women around me of all generations. Listening to their likes and dislikes and how they interpret fashion and social trends of the moment. Fabrics are also a large source of inspiration too. When that is mixed into the equation together with the colours - it's magic!" says Minicucci.

Not a stranger to fashion design and the fashion industry, the LaSalle College in Montreal alum caught the designing bug from her mother at a young age. From watching her mother curate elegant evening gowns, Minicucci instantly caught a sewing thumb and began putting her needlework to the test. With her sister and a mannequin as her props, the young designer would sew pieces for herself and model them for her mother once she arrived home. Initially, Minicucci started with a jean vest and skirt. Then, she expanded her branches into athleisure, which grabbed the attention of the industry. "The role as a designer came sooner than I expected as an organic evolution. I was given the opportunity and I seized it. In the early days of my career, sportswear and athleisure was not a thing. I brought the coat house I was working on at the time to transition into sportswear and it became very successful," says Minicucci. From athleisure-inspired gear to a line of women's fine outerwear, the Montréal native pushes SOSKEN into the high-end fashion sphere she believes deserves a permanent home.

Drawn to the luxe and prestige aesthetic of a well-tailored coat, Minicucci exemplifies SOSKEN from her infamous phrase, "Make your coat part of your outfit." She believes that if a coat is the first thing people see, you must make a statement out of it. "When I think of what I want to wear I think of two things: what coat/jacket does the day call for, and what shoes will I wear with it. I'm happy with basics for anything in between," explains the designer, "The biggest obstacle is to differentiate SOSKEN from the fierce competition in order for people and stores to buy into the brand. It is not just about the great campaign pictures and runway productions that make a brand successful. The product actually has to sell out at stores to make a difference at the end of the year."

Although she showcased her Fall/Winter 2016 Collection during Toronto Fashion Week, the designer knows all-too-well that not only a presentation of your collection makes a successful brand, but cut, fit and fabric selection contribute to a well-tailored and one-of-a-kind look. While there are no preferences to the types of materials to create her statement coats and jackets, the designer doesn't let fabric selection hold back her creativity when sketching a new piece for a collection. From wool coats with leather collar accents and slits in the elbows for ease and comfort, to water-proof materials for high collared puff jackets with cotton materials around the wrists, the designer not only enjoys adding different materials to her pieces, but also creates a style all on her own by remixing classic coat styles. By doing so, this sets SOSKEN apart from other coat brands on the market. And even with the ever-evolving styles season to season, the innovative designer continues to push the editorial needle through the fashion thread to create garments that are swoon worthy.

Along the road to success, the designer has had her fair share of lessons while building SOSKEN. "Sometimes, your business sense gets misinterpreted and not taken seriously because you as the designer are "the artist". I have learned how to make myself heard both as a creative and businesswoman," says Minicucci. "The biggest misconception is that it is glamorous to be a designer. It has some great moments but they do not supersede the long hours and continuous effort to be as good as your last collection or as good as your last best seller. The effort that you need to put in to make sure that your vision follows all the way through. You become your biggest enemy."

With her biggest lesson learned being true to yourself and following your own aesthetic voice, Minicucci refuses to hold back any of her modern-chic and stylish SOSKEN designs to accommodate the market. Packed with ambition to be seen on the backs of women worldwide, Miniucci wants the brand overall to be known for its integrity. Staying true to self by exuding sophistication while making a jaw-dropping statement is the embodiment of the band. Alongside each stitch and hem, the brand's motto will be carried on with each unique piece.