The Specifics


The product: The SCOTT Palani and SCOTT Palani SPT.

What are they selling us: The SCOTT Palani is a "performance shoe for fast training sessions," while the SCOTT Palani SPT offers "support and stability."


Look, I'm sure the idea of combining two different running shoes into one review seems confusing - but I promise it'll make sense in a second.

Both shoes feature efficient traction, a heel of 26mm, a forefoot of 15mm, a heel to forefoot drop of 11mm, a lower featuring AeroFoam Infinity/Rubber, a once piece outsole, a no-sew toe guard, and a form-fitting protective tongue. Both shoes are also aimed at road runners. The only difference is that the SPTs are ever so slightly heavier (300g versus 280g), and come with an injection-moulded heel counter, a no-sew quarter (versus a woven quarter), a quarter support cage, and a dual density midsole.

At their core and from an aesthetic point of view, it's best to think of them as very close siblings. However, they come from two different angles. While SCOTT claims the Palani is a "performance shoe for fast training sessions," I'd argue that they perform better at the mid-range, from a 10k to half-marathon. They could easily stretch to a marathon too, given the build quality, but if we're purely sticking to best-use, then the former camp is where's I'd place them. And perhaps to SCOTT a fast session lasts 10k, who knows, but for me - when I hear "fast training sessions" I think of track work or 5ks.

The SPT is all about support and stability thanks to the external counter and the quarter cage found in the upper. These additions, plus the added weight, means that the SPT make the ideal marathon companion - especially since you still get the benefit of the AeroFoam INFINITY and efficient traction found in the standard model. If you've got weak ankles/feet, or feel worried about stability, by all means, these could work nicely over shorter distances, just don't expect to smash any PBs in them.

What we liked / didn't like

We loved the design, the fit, the ride, the build quality and the traction. Seriously, there's so much we loved about these shoes (both of them) that it's hard to pinpoint one area to gush over, or even offer up any sort of criticism outside of the slightly firm structure. A lot of brands focus on perfecting just a few of those areas, and you feel it with every ride. However, SCOTT have managed to make each feature work together effortlessly, leaving you worry-free with every run.

Would we recommend them?

Absolutely. They retail for £120 and £130 respectively, which puts them in the upper-range for most people but having looked online, you can get them much cheaper. Do yourself a favour and give them a go.

You can purchase the SCOTT Palani shoes by heading here, and the SCOTT Palani SPT shoes by heading here.