The Specifics

Who: Salomon.

The product: Sense Pro Max (available in two colours).

Specs: Weight: 290g / Midsole Height: 30mm/24mm (6mm drop).

What are they selling us: "Everyday trail running performance with maximum cushioning. On easy trails, a light shoe extends the journey. Less protection means more sensations. A stack of technology keeps your feet in shape and the shocks at bay. Anti-vibration technology and 17mm of Energy Cell + foam."

What are they good for?

About a month ago, us Brits were subjected to the Beast from the East, which seemed like a pretty apt name at the time, even for an island that goes on lockdown at the mere mention of snow. Shops shut down, school kids had a few days off, and I went for a 10k run. Thankfully I went out on day one, which meant I had very little ice to deal with, but even if I had, the Salomon Sense Pro Max trail shoes would've got me through it.

Now, Solomon are pitching these as trail shoes for mostly dry terrain, but during my snow run - which at times felt like the early days of a zombie apocalypse (a major city stripped of its people, abandoned cars dotted about) - the Sense Pro's managed just as well on the roads as they did on grass. The traction - courtesy of the Contragrip outsole - and stability is up there with all those clunky unforgiving shoes that you probably dread strapping to your feet, but with next level comfort. They're not quite as plush as the Brooks Levitate shoes, but they're certainly on the right path.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is just how fast they feel. Stuck somewhere in the middle of the weight scale for running shoes (perhaps a tad above average), they have no business feeling this light. I have no idea how Solomon have managed to provide such a responsive shoe given the amount of cushioning involved, but I suppose that's why they're regarded as one of the best shoemakers in the business. There's also a great deal of energy return too, which is exactly what you want as you get lost on the trail.

Breathability is on the premium end too, courtesy of the stunning upper, and it would be dumb of us not to mention the Quicklaces system they've implemented. Pulling on a loop (it's hard to explain) tightens your laces, providing a quick and effortless way to get a snug fit. If I could put these on all of my shoes, I would.

What we didn't like

Honestly, nothing. The fact that it's made me switch out one of my road runs for a trail run, says it all really.

Would we recommend them?

Featuring the cushioning of maximalist road shoes, while providing a sleek and robust run for trail adventures, if I could give the Sense Pro Max running shoes five thumbs up, I totally would.

You can buy the Sense Pro Max by heading here. They retail for £125.