As we take a look back in time, a few particular movements in music, and moments in fashion stand out. The punks and the hippies, the glam rockers and the metal heads have all proven that the relationship between music and fashion are directly reliant on one another; music inspires fashion and vice versa. However, these days, the aesthetics in these two creative worlds are a little more blurred.

The idea of beauty throughout time has usually been a little more precise than it is now in 2015. As technology advances, the way we interpret information changes, and as a result, the way we present ourselves does too. As Kanye said not long ago, "Fusion is the future". Mr West might chat a lot about nothing, a lot of the time - but this point is rather profound. As the world becomes more connected, sexuality more fluid and music more accessible, who knows what the next moment in beauty will be.

Fortunately we've paid particularly close attention to trends in popular culture throughout history. Even better, i-D have teamed up with Microsoft to bring those stunning subcultures to life. Directed by Santiao & Mauricio, in partnership with New York makeup artist Ralph Siciliano, 'Beautiful Collaborations' is exactly as its title suggests. The documentary was created with the help of the HP Spectre x360 (more info here), and takes you on a trippy journey through style, music, beauty and time.

Right now, we're all a little unsure on what the current idea of 'beauty' is. People are more open minded, which means trends are too, and we end up being in a place that celebrates more than one form of beautiful.

According to the directors, "Everyone has something special, everyone has something that is more about the personality....and the only thing that brings them together is music."

That's a vision of beauty we're most certainly down with. Ahh, what a time to be alive.

You can watch 'Beautiful Collaborations' below.