Put down your glass of glass of gin and juice now: Snopp Dogg and his son, Cordell Broadus, have just collaborated with Los Angeles-based streetwear brand Joyrich. Over three weeks ago, they made their debut at MADE in their hometown. With Snoop as the DJ and Cordell as the model, the Broaduses were ready to bring on the party.

Inspired by his father's wardrobe from the '90s, Broadus sent the models down the runway wearing bandanna tops, oversized hoodie coats, sweatpants, beanies, hockey jerseys, and slides. If any of you can recall listening to Doggystyle in the middle of the night without your parents peeping in your room, you can get a piece of your memories with the album's name emblazoned on hats and pants. Before I forgot, how else could we recognize the rap icon if it weren't for his signature braided pigtails?!

Given that this debut collection mainly targeted men, the Broaduses left their women fans wanting more by bringing down bandana bikinis, halter tops and marijuana leaf necklaces. Whether it be for the next Snoop concert, party or any music festival, I could smell that everything would be a hit for the street style photographers.

Although you can't get your hands on it now, wait until October 20th for the collection to drop on Joyrich.