Tommy Genesis is heading out on a short little tour, so it's only right that she re-releases her World Vision hoodie so fans can rock them at her show. The Canadian rapper takes off to Lisbon next month and travels throughout Europe to come play songs off her successful debut album, which dropped in July 2015.

Get your hoodie in either white or black here, which are printed with the record's cover art. And find the full list of forthcoming show dates below.

 photo tommy-genesis-world-vision-hoodies-2_zpscyhdhplm.jpg

  • Tommy Genesis 2017 Tour Dates
  • 02.03.17 Lisbon, Portugal
  • 02.04.17 Berlin, Germany
  • 02.07.17 Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 02.08.17 Brussels, Belgium
  • 02.09.17 Dublin, Ireland
  • 02.10.17 Genève, Switzerland
  • 02.11.17 Milan, Italy
  • 02.13.17 London, UK
  • 02.15.17 Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 02.16.17 Reykjavik, Iceland