Hello, Fall! Cooler temperatures are the ideal fall accessory and how can the weather be a fall accessory? Well, for starters, it is a great opportunity to layer up on sweaters, shirts and scarves and of course, your favorite closet staple leather jacket that is a must-have for any fall wardrobe. Also, for the Fall/Winter 2016 season, fashion is tearing a page out of the '70s handbook and putting a new age twist on the trends from back in the day. From velvet, to matching track suits, the season's fashion trends range from the downtown chic commuter to the street style maven making their rounds from one place to another. Without even noticing, you yourself can be rocking the latest trends and not even notice it!

Now you don't have to go and break the bank to be on trend this season, whether your pockets range from Anna Sui to Topshop; Tom Ford to ZARA. These five trends can be found at any retailer that has these current trends to suit your wardrobe. Get a pen and paper ready to check off the pieces you currently own, or jot down what you want on your wish list. Move away minimalism, you had our run. It's time for the colour and elaborateness that Fall/Winter 2016 has to bring: pay more attention ti texture and print than monochrome chic.


Whether you want to wear it as a blazer, pants, camisole or even boots, velvet is making its way up and down the sidewalk this Fall/Winter 2016. As seen on many celebrities and street stylers such as Cara Delevingne and Hailey Baldwin, this Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Week season, velvet is a great addition to an outfit that needs a little spruce. Usually seen in tones such a black, navy blue and even dark purple, the soft to the touch fabric ranges in fall colours that are sure to suit your own fashion aesthetic.


You don't have to be an athlete to rock a matching sweat suit this season. Something about the matching two-piece jumper says, "I'm here and I mean business." Usually connoted to sportswear, tracksuits are also a fashion piece with the right accessories and shoes. Adding more luxe to the popular set, embellishments on the sides of the arms and legs of the tracksuit add a sense of new life to the garment. This is simply made for the person who wants to make a statement.

Bell Sleeves

If you look at the sleeves and think about the Baroque era, you're probably right. If Soul Train circa the '70s is running over your brain, then you're also right. The bell sleeve on a classic button-up collared shirt is a trend that has made its way in and out of the fashion archives for centuries. However, this season, it's making its rounds by gracing us with new variations of the trend. From breeze-friendly open cuffs to bell sleeves that drape from your elbow and cuff at your wrist, the trend comes in styles that will prove to add a little history to any outfit.


Most commonly known as the Canadian Tuxedo, the denim-on-denim look is a favourite amongst stars such as Rihanna and street style mavens everywhere. Recently seen with wearing the denim jacket off the shoulders, the denim look is a play on the tracksuit but with a downtown edge that can be transitioned between different washes of denim and cuts. Great with a statement shoe and added accessories, the denim-on-denim look is one that will be making its rounds for more seasons to come.


Whether you choose a solid colour or a print, a silk scarf to tie around your neck is a chic addition to any outfit. Exuding a very sophisticated look, the necktie is a style favourite amongst fashion's elite who want to add a little classic demeanor to their attire. Most favourably worn with denim, a necktie could be worn with any type of attire. If you opt for a collared shirt and pant combo, a neck tie would be a great addition to accessorize without the need of statement jewelry. Also, tying your silk scarf around your wrist is also a great swap for a dangling bracelet. So, why not wear a silk scarf? It's like jewelry you can wear anywhere for any occasion.