Urban Outfitters new campaign looks like stills from a badass documentary about skateboarders more than it looks like a lookbook for anything. That's also because the clothes look like they were copped at a thrift shop and not an expensive retailer. But the Skate Girls show them off in the LA-based spring campaign.

"We were honored to collaborate with this creative community of young women for the 'Skate Girls' campaign,” said Urban Outfitters’ Chief Global Executive Creative Director, Joanna Ewing. "Their passion and determination was so inspiring to our team and we hope their collective energy inspires others." Take a look at the collection here.

Don't leave us yet. Read this love letter to one of our favourite artists.

 photo urban-outfitters-2017-spring-skate-girls-campaign-1_zpsawdd6urb.jpg

 photo urban-outfitters-2017-spring-skate-girls-campaign-4_zpsgegp14b0.jpg

 photo urban-outfitters-2017-spring-skate-girls-campaign-2_zpsan0htiba.jpg

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 photo urban-outfitters-2017-spring-skate-girls-campaign-11_zpsxtgsxtkr.jpg

 photo urban-outfitters-2017-spring-skate-girls-campaign-13_zps0tr0y3t8.jpg