Imagine Sandra Dee living in the '90s with a fluffy pink pen and yellow plaid diary filled with doodles. Next to her is a Lisa Frank-adorned Walkman with Hole's Live Through This playing back-to-back. Then, she turns on the TV and stumbles upon seeing Sabrina the Teenage Witch. If this girl has an alter ego, her name will be Valfré.

Named after Ilse Valfré, the L.A.-based clothing and accessories are made for the fun, whimsical and quirky gal. Whether it be a beret, Prada-esque lip print top or a medical marijuana prescription bottle phone case, it's no secret that the brand has grown a massive following through its incredible collections. Even Melissa Brooks, singer of the Aquadolls, Renee Olstead, and HOLYCHILD are fans.

Seriously, you should not miss out Valfré’s super sick lookbooks!