Shifting the opening day's schedule of New York Fashion Week sure worked in Kanye West's favour with the debut of his anticipated Season 3 collection, and the listening release of his new album, The Life of Pablo. And without upsetting designers such as Marissa Webb for show scheduling, West seemed to deliver more than just clothing. Unlike any other musician-turned-designer, West launched an album to fans and industry elite at Madison Square Garden on Thursday.

Not only did the Grammy winner show his latest collection, he also made an announcement of upcoming changes to the whole Yeezy brand. Aware of the limited quantities made of the popular Yeezy Boosts for the majority to attain, West promised the audience more quantities for them to purchase - finally, industry's elite aren't the only ones to rock the exclusive footwear. And more Yeezy Boosts must mean higher prices, right? Wrong.

The new designer also made a statement setting the new price adjustments to his clothing and shoes, which will take place sooner than later, so everyone can afford the coveted threads on February 19th. In that case, there would no more house down payment prices for a sweater that could only keep you warm if you live in the San Francisco Bay area.

After getting all the major details out of the way, a silver parachute that engulfed the middle arena of Madison Square Garden, dropped to the ground and revealed the much-anticipated collection. With two podiums, models wore neutral taupe, brown, mustard, and some red, coloured coats, sweaters, cargo pants and boots, which made them look like as if they were extras for a Star Wars set. Picture it, being on a desert planet fighting storm troopers with your lightsaber and shielding yourself from the desert storm in your sand coloured cargo jacket with bucket pockets and beige laced up winter boots. Get it? Below the main podium, the models on the floor below showcased the same attire, but in more of the neutral tones.

The styles seem to be very similar to West's previous season in terms of fit, colour, and overall style. One particular ensemble from last season that seemed to get a facelift this season were the eye-catching bodysuits. Season 2's body hugging catsuits were sheerer and came in earth tones such as brown and beige. This season, the catsuit appeared in more winter colours like black and brown. And were not see-through this time around, they appeared more opaque and layered with coats to showcase its layering potential. While continuing to remain with the grungy Star Wars aesthetic, the collection exudes consistency with the brand and embodies the true essence of who Kanye West really is. The message when looking at all three collections are, "I'm here, this is me, I'm not going to change, and you're just going to have to like me." And who else could show off such attitude but supermodel Naomi Campbell - who donned a black catsuit with razor-sharp bangs, Campbell strutted to West's new album as it was playing in the background.

While still making a statement with bodysuits, West also reminded audiences of the impact wife Kim Kardashian makes on his clothing. Moulding the Yeezy bodysuit after her voluptuous curves, the artist continues to make strives for his wife by pushing her more into the elite high fashion industry, while also reminding fans, and the fashion industry, of her presence for years to come.

Fusing the art of music and fashion under one sphere, the Season 3 fashion show this season at New York Fashion Week certainly was more of an artistic fashionable art exhibit. Bringing together all facets of the term art, West provided the audience with a musical and fashionable experience that will make next season's hard to top.