These days, you're either wearing a t-shirt with the words 'Don't Talk To Me Before I've Had My Morning Coffee', or you're waxing your moustache while preaching about the benefits of pour over coffee. However, for those of us unwilling to make coffee a personality replacement, but more a socially acceptable drug of choice that you down when you need it most, the Melitta Purista Series 300 automatic coffee machine is for you.

And look, it's not cheap - certainly when you compare it to the current instant gravy you're ingesting - but given its importance in getting through the day, why not invest in something that will get you closer to that £4 coffee the media will have you believe is the curse of the millennial? If you look at it like that, it'll end up saving you money. And who doesn't like money?

Having tested out the Melitta Purista Series 300 over the summer, specifically against cheaper coffee machines, it would be hard to slum it again if I'm being honest. Here's why:

Size: It's big enough to house a decent amount of beans and water, but at only 20cm wide, it doesn't take up valuable counter space.
Speed: It's lightning quick. Seriously, as soon as you that sweet, sweet 'gimme some coffee' button, that brown nectar flies out.
Simple: We've tested a few out over the years that require all kinds of apps to pour a simple coffee, yet the Purista is as straightforward as they come.
Self-cleaning: It bloody well cleans itself (the lines, at least) before and after every coffee you make. Such a killer move.

As we mentioned above, it's not cheap (you're looking at around £400), but with cold nights ahead of us, and Christmas off in the distance, if you're going to treat yourself to anything this year, we're throwing our weight behind the Melitta Purista Series 300. You deserve it.

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