Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the release of Apple's original computer, retro-gaming hardware hub 8Bitdo has introduced its brand new, visually alluring AP40 Bluetooth game controller. The company is currently promoting the product via Kickstarter.

The AP40 is complete with the visual aesthetic of the '76 computer, including Apple's original rainbow color scheme and a limited-edition faux keyboard stand in the mold of the Apple I. When it comes to the software, the AP40 is compatible with a litany of devices, including: Mac (duh), iOS, PC, Android, and more.

As well, 8Bitdo has unveiled its new Retro Receiver for Apple IIc, which operates as an emulator in the same fashion as the company's previously released receivers for NES and SNES. The receiver is also compatible for any wireless controller, like for the Nintendo Wii or XBox One.

Four pledge options are available. The first, for $49 USD, is for the controller - which has 20 hours of chargeable battery life. The second, also for $49, is the Retro Receiver for Apple IIc. The third and fourth pledge options come at $65 and $89; the former complete with the aforementioned limited-edition keyboard stand, the latter complete with both the controller and Retro Receiver for Apple IIc.

Head over to the Kickstarter page for more details.