Celebrated musicians Holly Herndon, Matthew Herbert, James Holden, and many, many more will be on hand for Loop, a three-day summit held this fall in Berlin by hosts Abelton.

The brand new event will take place from October 30th to November 1st, with the first round of events just announced. Included of which will be talks, panel discussions, workshops, and numerous night-time concert events created in conjunction with the city's CTM Festival. The full range of events will continue to evolve and grow larger by the time the festival rolls around, but you can view the currently planned events now.

The site reads: "All of the daytime Loop events take place in eight different spaces within RADIALSYSTEM V. Formerly a turn-of-the-century pumping station for the Berlin Water Services, RADIALSYSTEM V--situated in the urban center of Berlin between Friedrichshain, Mitte, and Kreuzberg--opened in 2006, and currently functions as a cultural center where new ideas 'radiate' out in all directions, attracting artists and the public from within as well as beyond the city limits of Berlin."

Registration for tickets has already begun, but are only available in limited capacity, which Loop organizers will distribute via a lottery. Those who garner a ticket opportunity can have a three day pass for €250, but music makers between the ages of 18 and 25 will have a chance for a reduced ticket price of €100. The festival organizer's are actively and openly accepting other future music makers, saying, "Please fill out the registration form before August 7th to tell us a little bit about yourself. We will accept applications from anyone involved in making music. We're not judging your work, but we do want to make sure you're actively making it. To meet our vision of a healthy and diverse music technology community, we will group applications to ensure a balanced mix of ages and genders."