Billed as "The Thinking Music Player," the Aether Cone added an intriguing new caveat to its already enticing product; an adapted smart interface that allows the product to talk back to the user.

Crafted from the hive mind of former Apple, Google, and Nokia alums, the $399 speaker had already piqued a degree of interest in its interactive, wireless interface. But its newest update managed to take it even further, offering one of the more unique home listening experiences available.

There's still the particular about which features the Cone supports, namely, it exclusively works with Rdio and not similarly popular services like Spotify and Pandora. Still, since its initial announcement in 2014, Aether has added wireless bluetooth play and support for multiple speaker systems, which was added to the previous radio, podcast, and AirPlay.

Still, a speaker system that remembers your voice and your listening habits for your entire home for less than $400 is an unquestionably likeable luxury. Stay tuned next week for The 405's review of the system.