For the better part of two years, Amazon's tall, cylindrical smart speaker system Echo has become a formative mainstay in the U.S. market due to its remarkable accessibility and ease-of-use. The early success has been broad enough for Amazon to begin formally penciling its introduction of Echo to foreign markets, starting with the UK and Germany in the coming weeks.

Amazon initially delayed the release of the Echo, which responds to voice activation, allegedly because it believed there might be issues in understanding different accents (which, incidentally, the U.S. is littered with). For those unfamiliar, the Echo works by a specific activation code in which the user "wakes" it by calling it by its name (most use "Alexa"). Using voice-activation, the Echo can operate multiple apps, such as music streaming services, and smart house apps.

Amazon's accompanying smaller speaker, the Dot, will also be available upon international launch. The Dot is simply an extension of echo, which can be installed in various other rooms in the house. The Echo will begin running at £149.99 (€179.99) and the Dot will run at £49.99 (€59.99). According to The Verge, "Amazon Prime customers will be able to get £50 or €50 off Echo pre-orders if they order within the next couple of days. The Amazon Echo product page shows a September 28th ship date in the UK, or October 26th for Germany. The white Echo is available for $179.99 on September 28th in the US."